NPC Standing Committee members opposed the abolition of a nu

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  -second session of the NPC Standing Committee at its thirtieth meeting on the 1st group to consider the draft amendments to the law 11 accounting method. Current Marine Environmental Protection Law Article 30 stipulates: "Before the competent environmental protection administration set into the sea outfall in approval, must seek the views of the ocean, maritime, fishery administrative departments and the environmental protection department of the armed forces," the draft amendment to change and do not ask opinion, but "marine Science Bulletin, maritime, fishery administrative departments." For the modified draft amendment on Article 30 of the Marine Environmental Protection Law, the Standing Committee members raised a number of objections, that it should not cancel the local implementation of the sea outfalls location approval.


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   "After the briefing, marine, maritime and other departments informed there is no veto power? The preceding paragraph spoke to conduct scientific assess, in the process of assessment there is no ocean, maritime and other departments to participate? from now legal provisions look as if to demonstrate and set up the approval of the sea outfalls when they are not the sea, the maritime sector what was done, informed it would be finished. " Lvwei committee issued a series of questions. She suggested that the law should strengthen representation or communication between departments, such as comments at the time of approval of these sectors, or allowed to participate in the demonstration process.

   "Now under increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the situation, the approval of the sewage outfall put this one is the need for economic and social development, or after a very thorough investigation? What influence?" Wei Liucheng members also expressed doubts on the canceled approval. He believes that some companies or the coastal sea of 鈥嬧€媎omestic water discharge requirements should be very strict, this one open, although later states that if "the sea, maritime, fishery administrative departments of environmental protection departments and the army" to be found at the illegal discharge 20000-100000 penalties, penalties again but found it was too late.

   Rita Fan, members said, would have been into the sea outfall location selection is required in the approval of the administrative department of environmental protection, is now the record, then the next is not all that relevant departments, such as marine, maritime, fisheries, the executive branch, the army and the environmental protection department of environmental protection administration departments will regularly go spot checks? "I am in favor of decentralization, but some places still look at a little prison. If the sewage outfall into the sea in nature reserves, scenic waterfront, and so place, perhaps setting the wrong cause pollution of the oceans, I think it is notAccepted. "She suggested adding in the current terms" periodic inspection "As a result, the relevant departments have more regular inspections of responsibility, supervision can be a regular. In addition, article 77 of the Marine Environmental Protection Law provisions of paragraph the fine of 20,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan FAN members also said it was not, it should be increased to more than 50,000 and 200,000 or less. "pollute our marine nature reserve, etc., it must not be made of any of the. "

   on the current provisions of the Marine Environment and modify, where Ye Hui members did not agree to put the place under the approval of the ocean outfall, but do not agree with just filing and briefing." I do not know the country into the sea outfall a total number of functional departments is not a pipe, but come? Now decentralized level cities for the record, if you find an error, and who is going to correct? How to correct? There is no provision in law. We are now mentioned environmental protection, ocean protection, can not wait to see the problem before taking the measures and methods. "

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