Winter maintenance of war purifiers need these small details

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   people can wear Qiuku cold, that cold water purifier how to do it? While the machine is cold, but also the need for care and maintenance, to avoid cracking. Recently, Hebei Province, Handan City Water Company has prompted people to do home water pipe, heat preservation work faucets and other water supply facilities, water supply facilities even have to make antifreeze in winter insulation measures, not to mention the water purifier.



   We know that work purifier ambient temperature is generally between 5-45 degrees Celsius, the temperature is too low in the water once the water purifier freeze expansion, will be on water purifiers damage, the worst case even easier to water purifiers the cracking, so we can install at home to avoid being damaged by frost. What if the water purifier must be installed outdoors, the situation is similar to how to reduce the cracking occurred? Winter water purifier should pay attention to what?

   winter water purifier prone to the phenomenon

   [123 ] out of the water drop. Changes in temperature will affect the viscosity of the water, the water temperature normally drops per 1 鈩? water production will drop the cartridge 5%. So to reduce the amount of water than in the summer is a normal phenomenon, as temperatures rise, the water will naturally recover.

   increasing the amount of sewage. Sewage purifier that is drained waste water purification process, to reduce the influence by low temperature water yield, will naturally result in a corresponding increase in the discharge flow rate of waste water, waste water ratio increases.

   winter purifier Note

   1. After the period without water and runoff should be noted that

   Since the temperature is low in winter, prone to burst water pipes, water supply if occurrence of the cracking pipe, try not to use without water, without water during the water purifier (especially non barrels), preferably the water inlet valve can be closed, after the first inflow opening a faucet discharging the sediment in the water supply pipe and the like and then open the inlet valve and let water purifiers work, to avoid the construction process mixed with sediment, rust and other debris into the water purifier, water purifier filter plugging resulting in sewage in a short time, production decreased water flow.

   2. Antifreeze machine

   If installed outdoors, antifreeze measures must be foam, linen, straw wrapped around something like a water purifier, a water purifier is preferably installed in a place shelter, no freezing measures to avoid the cracking may result in the case of filter flask, membrane shell like occurs, the temperature must stop using the water purifier well below zero.

   mounted in the chamber must be ensured at room temperature of not less than 0 degree, since the water volume expands during the solidification process, if the freezing, a direct result of all the lines purifier, filter flask, and other membrane shell will burst, whereby leakage occurs . If the water purifier is not used for a long time, or need to go out, the inlet valve must be closed, the discharge pressure of all the water in the tub, to check the appearance of the machine is normal before re-use, in order to confirm the normal power source connected to water, preparation of The first bucket of water is also recommended drained.

   3. Encountered processing icing

   When the case encounters ice water purifier, or must not be roasted with hot water to the machine, to the entire water purifier can continue to use the boot is placed, during which water is not forced on the mechanism, the boot check water leakage in the room after the room temperature is higher than 10 deg.] C was thawed naturally for 48 hours. If it is found unopened icing phenomenon of reverse osmosis membrane, it can be placed in a package together with cold water, soaked for more than 24 hours before use.

   4. The small details need to pay attention to

   cartridge is replaced, the water purifier filter replacement once the long talked about the different types of water purification products for the filter replacement cycle, after all, different filter life there are still differences.

   to avoid high temperature close to the original body heat, such as gas stoves, water heaters, etc., if the long-term by high-temperature baking, plastic parts easily fall slowly coke, affect the service life.

   away from direct sunlight, no matter what kind of water purification equipment, use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed cyanobacteria.

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