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prefilter usually installed in the household tap water meter, for all the family play a role in pre-filtered water, the pipeline can family, leading, electrical wading protect, as home net before water filter, prolonged service life of the water purifier, a water purifier filter replacement cycle can be extended relatively.


cis - type prefilter works stainless steel filter having a pore size of 50-100 micrometers, so that the tap water pressure of the water permeate from the inner wall to the outer wall of the pipe, such as sand, rust, etc. is larger than the aperture harmful impurities filtered off, to achieve the purpose of water filtration.


cis - type prefilter is somewhat easier to clean, so that the valve opens the flushing water reflux stainless steel film trapped impurities are washed away, the simple action of the cleaning cartridge is reached.


cis - type prefilter disadvantage is not suitable for use where water quality is poor, too many impurities filter easily blocked, clogged after only a small flush out impurities, but is embedded deeper in the cartridge , tighter, likely to cause secondary pollution, can then use to open the housing to bring the filter brushing with a toothbrush.




laminated prefilter


siphon prefilter http :? // kid = 948


backflush filter



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