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   compared to home appliances, mobile phones and other industries, home improvement industry has long been considered "traditional" industry, the rapid development of technology seems very little impact on the industry. But in recent years point of view, the outcome of more and more information technology being applied to the domestic industry, so that "earth industry," take off the old-fashioned hat, showing reborn changes.


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   two home design platform at the same time financing

   Recently, two family home design platform cool music and family are three-dimensional obtain new financing. Cool E Kellogg completed over $ 100 million round of financing, led by the well-known PE investment institutions, other than existing shareholders with the vote, after the vote valuation of about 10 billion dollars.

   on the other side, three-dimensional family won several hundred million strategic investment in Alibaba, the specific amount of about 500 million yuan, the investment of about 2.5 billion valuation. After the three-dimensional home financing, Alibaba stake to 20%, becoming the largest shareholder. Its founder Choi Chi-sum, Meikailong were ranked second and third largest shareholder, 12.70% and 12.00%, respectively.

   relative to the average home building materials businesses, home design software platform is a certain scientific and technological content, relying on cloud computing, big data, AI and other cutting-edge scientific and technological means to get through design, production, marketing, logistics and other upstream and downstream industrial chain.

   As competition intensified fourth industrial revolution, the development potential of new technologies and the role of home self-evident, to a small business can reduce costs, increase efficiency, to big industry as a whole is to promote home transformation and upgrading of important thrust. The meaning of existence

   "stage" that the role of participation, home design software platform is also true. All sectors of the domestic industry, from the design, supply, payment, distribution, construction, delivery to after-sales, we need to be bit players. In a large number of actors involved in, synergistic operational data of industrial ecology favorable multi-dimensional.

   in the home of new technologies this track after another player different roles in the continuous influx. It is understood that there are many companies entering this track. In addition to three-dimensional house cool house music, dress and other home for home improvement expertise in the field of business, as well as related fields giants, upstream the real estate business, Internet giants, home circulation leading enterprises.

   now, after some of the giants in the shore watching, to start their own "underWater "Swimming for example, launched a shell to find rooms VR virtual tour product shells such as video; Ali Baba actually took home design, home design launched its lie flat; Meikailong invested in home and dress up after three successive home, 2018 also officially launched its own cloud platform design; Dongyirisheng spend layout, play the concept of "home improvement science and technology," the

   with the awareness of everyone, "enabling technology" gradual awakening of a new home. track technology is also slowly becoming crowded. under competition, technology companies began looking for a new direction of growth, in addition to the basic software sale, but also the development of new marketing products and value-added services, such as Kellogg cool one-stop shopping guide platform "to the store to buy" and "win-off"; three-dimensional home released "beloved Chi-home" ready to supply chain platform ......

   incoming persons different attitude

   home industry chain complex, different forms of technology have an effect on all sectors, all incoming posture also vary from upstream to get to the real estate construction, critically, to supply chain information management, factory automation and intelligence, including production, design and marketing of products, and finally to the store shopping experience and family life service terminal, the whole industry chain are able to transform with the power of technology.

   in the field of software design, appeared to cool Knorr, three-dimensional home, dressed home for leading technology-oriented enterprises, the use of 3D cloud design of a key rendering, VR immersive experience, BIM construction system has been proposed in the resolution of designers pain points and improve design efficiency.

   in manufacturing, home building materials enterprises to reduce by intelligent production line or automated plant costs, increase output, including still product delivery, the EU sent home and other custom home business; in the home service terminal, the development of smart home to make life more wisdom, in addition to a wide range of smart home products, there have been integrated platform for enterprise-wide intelligent house systems, such as graffiti intelligence, Yi Jiasheng live, enjoy good home, Ourui Bo and so on.

   stores in the retail side of the home and home stores, "smart stores" slogan began started, an increase of black technology elements decorate the traditional home building materials stores "sell." On the one hand the use of enterprise big data technologies open up the internal supply chain systems and data streams, on the other hand bring fresh experience to younger consumers the trend of science and technology.

   in addition, there are many home business electricity supplier giants begin joint exploration and technology platform togetherFaso, for example, actually home and Redstar has in hand Alibaba, Jingdong Qu Mei equipped with the launch of Jingdong

   Qumei living museum ...... giants have incoming, more and more people are focusing on technology and industry combined, the gospel which is the home industry.

   From this we can see that the new technology for the home renovation industry is the trend, and will accelerate the evolution. With 5G floor, networking and artificial intelligence technology advances, domestic industry will probably be out of the woods, using technology to find new Dongfeng incremental market.

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