Seven Steps to teach you howo joinhe agency purifier

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  Seven Steps to teach you how to join the agency water purifier

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   of water pollution situation is grim, peoples drinking water safety is seriously threatened , they are able to protect the health of residents of the home water purifier universal imperative. Huge market demand lead to a water purifier to join the craze, focus on water purification industry entrepreneurs, investors are looking for a good water purifier brand, water purifier do exclusive agent in their area, their entrepreneurial achievements dreams and career dream! However, choosing to join a brand is not an easy thing, registered in the country, large and small water purifier brand has several thousand, which accounted for more than 95% of the no-name, really well-known, strong, there are technical professional water purifier manufacturer is not that great. So, as an investor how to choose what we choose to join the brand water purifier it?

   First, the qualification documents

   to see if manufacturers are wading this document, this document is equivalent to the net wading waters birth certificate, no documents relating to the product can not be sold into the store, this document is a measure of the strength of the brand standards, because we wanted to get this document requires wading water filtration products in line with household drinking water standards, which allows the water purifier manufacturers from cleanup efforts on technology, while documents relating to handling takes a long period of time and expense, just the cost of testing is necessary about 70,000 some of the strength of the manufacturers generally do not afford this document.


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   Second, the quality of the product

   In general the strength of the water purifier manufacturers are strictly control the quality, not just the water purification industry, which is the basis for any industry to survive. Investors do not sacrifice quality for immediate when you see those who choose a cheap inferior products, water purification agents every day because water purifiers failure confused, overwhelmed, unable to help themselves, you know there is quality how important it is. At present, the netWater is a serious product homogeneity, the market is mainly water purification products to ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis RO water machine mainly look very much the same, only strong, independent design and development of water purifier manufacturers to achieve product differentiation, in order to stand out in contrast to the product advantages.

   Third, the brand strength

   a strong brand influence can win the goodwill of consumers, for most consumers, the brand is a guarantee of quality, easier to open markets, also easier consumer word of mouth, as mentioned water purifiers to think of spring and so on.






Fourth, the protected area

   purifier purifier manufacturers grant agent region exclusive agent right, we must protect the interests of water purifier exclusive sales agents, manufacturers must not be repeated breach of contract investment. Dishonest manufacturers for their own interests will repeat investment, agents worked hard to make up the brand with the brand is cheap malicious snatch customer resources, this was a crushing blow to the agents, the agents so water purifier to select a strong market awareness of the protection of water purifier manufacturers the choice of brand, market order can not be absolute chaos.

   V. price profit

   profit and price are two completely different concepts, there is no necessary link between them. Any business in the pursuit of a reasonable profit margin, profit, enterprises can survive and develop, agents as well. Large brand price is relatively high profits in a reasonable range, water purifier manufacturers of good quality, good support to the agents, the agents good service, has won the recognition of consumers, consumers are willing to pay, agents obtain operating profit, mutual benefit with the manufacturers in order.

   Six, market support

   water purifier in the country also belongs to an emerging industry, water purification agents for the vast majority of it is a completely unfamiliar area, which requires water purification device manufacturers to provide agents for the water purifier system of product knowledge, industry knowledge, training, marketing specialist manufacturers faction, will sell water purifiers lecturer, trainer for market support, training and guidance, support decoration, opening support, advertising support, marketing support materials, promotional activities, marketing activities will support rural areas and so on.

   Seven, after-sales service

   no matter how good the product quality of services, also known asIs not a good brand, the brand is the perfect combination of product + services, particularly in the water purification industry to higher standards of service requirements, quality + + post-installation maintenance indispensable. Aftermarket is an indispensable part of home appliances, is also a vital part of the water purifier to join the agency, the brand more perfect after-sales service, timely help consumers to resolve installation, filter replacement, fault repair service, the more users can gather, access to brand reputation, win customer loyalty, achieve end-market selling profit!

   has never been an industry like this so rapid development of water purification industry, behind the hot market is not standardized development of the industry, full of opportunities, but also faces great challenges, it is easy to make money, and very easy to go astray, to be more study before making a choice water purifier manufacturers, more contrast, often at the moment you decide, We have been doomed you do water purifier agents success.

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