10 points reseller management of water purifi

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calls for the domestic market, "marketing experts" type of dealer. Unfortunately this type of dealer has not really achieved. There are two reasons: First, the market environment, it is difficult to ensure the kind of dealer. Because it is difficult to build enough trust between manufacturers, between both cooperation and inhibition. Even more than ten million sales of ultra-large-scale distributors, expand the scale of difficulty just appeared, its functions have not fundamentally changed. Second, dealers are reluctant to position themselves so. Product market for others to do, always feel someone else do the wedding dress. After so some dealers struck gold, not to the upstream development, develop their own products; that is, to the downstream development, to open his own supermarket. Based on the present very few.

   dealers now also increasingly sad day. Before that doors opened, the opportunity to come rolling in money had already passed. Dealers in complicated daily work, the difficulties encountered in a wide variety of business management. The following ten major aspects of normalization of its class:

   First, the business direction: to do product expert, or experts to do channel

   This question relates to the positioning of a topic?. How dealers make full use of their own resources, to convert it into a competitive advantage. Every dealer in the backlog bear market, peer competition. In the factory, and between peers, and the retail end, there is Battle of interests between distributors. In each cycle of Battle, in the torture dealers in your hand how many cards make you win the final victory. This requires that dealers have set up their own regional advantages in the industry.

   dealers to gain advantage within the industry, there are two basic ways: One is to become a specialist, expert sales of certain food items. As we usually marketers often see: Milk King, large cooking oil and so on. Milk dealers to do business, including milk varieties Rang almost all domestic brands and high school low-priced products. Customers want to get into the milk, everything I have here. Become an expert in a particular category. This business model for many dealers are pushing from. The second is designed to do a certain type of channel. As specializing in the food channel, specializing in super channels or specialize in distribution channels. The channels do specialize in a class through, and form their own channel advantages. Become a channel expert.

   It should be said that these two modes have advantages and disadvantages. Experts do product advantages are: a fully integrated and use of resources. Most business overdraftTo purchase are divided by category. Specialize in a certain category, it is easy to better align with the retail end. Two properties in order to facilitate the operation of the product, to adjust their channel model. Better integration of factory resources and cost savings. Three to form a competitive advantage in an industry. Easy to get the right agent quality products, the backlog of competitors.

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