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   Shenzhen, home water purifier to join several major errors

   misunderstanding: the product blindly follow the trend

   water purifier manufacturers are also require professional. Market many well-known brand of water purifiers actually have to operate a variety of household appliances (such as the United States, Haier, etc.), their goal is to meet the low-end market in the ordinary needs of life, most can only produce ordinary water purification equipment. The home drinking water purification, especially its complexity is the need for expertise in research and development team. There are also many small water purifier manufacturers, not have their own characteristics, to see whats hot on the market to sell on what products; blindly follow suit, eventually leading to product sales is not ideal, because the product itself exists between the audience and shops irreconcilable differences.



   and add fresh water, beautiful environment of the Shenzhen City Limiteds high-end water purifier brand, founded in 2012, based in Shenzhen, look to global development, focusing on the depth of the whole house the field of water purification systems, water purifier has independent R & D base, is a design, development, production, sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises. Add fresh water purifiers not only bring to the consumer protection agency and water purifier on technical quality, but also to consumers and water purification agents to provide more professional, more intimate, more peace of mind services.

   Myth: Product filter better

   In fact, more is not better water purification filters, and some low-end water purification products, boasts seven high-precision filter cartridges, in fact, are based on a simple filter material, filter effects and accuracy may not as good as a high-performance filter.

   and fresh water added to the whole house water purification depth of field, with a number of patented technologies RO reverse osmosis water purification technologies, ultrafiltration technology, one of the few in the current industry to independent one water purification products R & D process and structure of the depth of water purification technology companies. So add fresh water purifier products have strong quality guarantee, compared to the chance of failure is very low, increasing the amount of water, the design of more humane,There are intelligent filter reminder, no longer have to calculate the time to replace the filter or forget the case for the core of existence, but also solve the manual cleaning, stagnant water residues and other troublesome issues, to prevent leakage and other problems, giving consumers faster, easier the use of the environment. Now Chinese Center for Disease Control survey of 35 cities across the country showed that the effluent water plant will be delivered to the user administered network tap, and now the water quality of qualified rate has dropped about 20%. Think about it, in recent years, major television stations have broadcast the same health, health and other types of programs are great efforts to train our health awareness and promotion of health for all.

   Myth: Many find it troublesome water purifier franchisees do not do field trips

   Many people know the water purifier main function is to the water will float, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and so filtered out, let us drinking water safer, healthier and a better experience for our quality of life. The good water purification products it is required to be higher filtration technology, using different parts of the water purifier is not the same, each product needed water purification technique will vary. Now, the water purifier has become essential for many families in household appliances, we have not inspected the field or in the purchase of a water purifier to join, they blindly buy water purification products, because of the different water quality, it is easy to shorten little effect life or purification of water purifier.

   Therefore, water purifiers and water purification agents to join in the purchase of a water purifier manufacturers, field trips must be done to see if the water purifier manufacturers production base and the written written agreement.

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