Survey- element in promoting sustaed growth of air purifier

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  Survey: element in promoting sustained growth of air purifier Published: at 17:54 on September 18, 2017 Hits: 33 throughout the duration of fog and haze, PM2.5 and haze concerns about the degree of formaldehyde and other harmful substances concern improved, so that the air purifier has become a hot competition for the market, air purifiers also celebrates its spring. According to the survey pointed out: There are the following major factors catalyze the rapid development of air purifier industry: 12013 National wide range of fog and haze, especially in Beijing, Tianjin area, so that people have to face serious air quality problems direct push empty nets requirements. 2. gradually increase the income level of residents, the pursuit of high quality of life has become a pillar industry of the empty net. 3. The rapid rise of the electricity supplier channels empty net sales and other electrical products without professional installation provides a broad space for development, with 80,90 as the main line of active consumer groups also coincided with an empty net goal consumer groups . Whether we admit it or not, the air purifier is only by means of a public environmental events into the public view of consumers. As mentioned previously, before the domestic large-scale haze, when most people do not know why the matter PM2.5 air purifier is only used in a small fraction of the high-end crowd. American and European countries with respect to nearly 20%, Japan and South Korea 17% penetration rate, the Chinese market has penetration rate of less than 1%. 2013 surge in 2014 so far, sudden haze (of course, it is now often made) is the direct cause of this phenomenon lies. In fact, economic growth year after year, it has already brought damage to the environment. A variety of industrial pollution emissions from energy products, motor vehicles have air getting worse. Air environment is not good, leads directly to indoor air pollution. From the manifestation, the indoor air pollution varied: secondhand smoke pollution, high-rise syndrome, syndrome, air conditioning, indoor pet allergies, common childhood allergic rhinitis, abnormal high incidence of children, etc., and indoor air pollution . Air pollution and food safety have become two major events currently most concern to consumers, which also rose to a colossal task. The root cause of the environment to improve local air purifier, with the upgrading of consumer spending power and sought after, this is the market prosperity lies. Previous: Secret: advantages and disadvantages of various types of air purifiersComparison

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