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Water is the source of life, the water content in the body of 65% to maintain the daily metabolism. Because the proportion of ultra-high water plays in the human body, in a way, the quality of water also determines the quality of life.



dependent on the daily consumption of baby milk powder resistance is weak, how to have healthy drinking water, the same problem Baoma most concerned about.


Water, a care Baoma


nine months of pregnancy, only to be finally birth. In the hearts of all mothers, the childs healthy growth more than anything else.


In order to be able to create the most healthy growth environment for children, Baoma who avoid possible harm to children from material prepared pregnancy, pregnancy, lactation. But for the detection of drinking water daily necessities, they themselves are powerless.


bottled water dispenser is easy to cause secondary pollution, long-term consumption will not only cause weakness, lack of energy and other sub-health problem, but also lead to malnutrition, decreased immunity, especially for adverse fetal development and growth of children. Therefore filtration of drinking water daily, become Baoma their first choice.



The water purifier varied market, many additional features have been exaggerated boasting. If purchased, used improperly, not only did not play a role in purifying, healthy baby against secondary damage, but the market demand for Baoma water purifier few.


nine positive addition to heavy metals bacteriostatic water purifier R7s


not only filter out heavy metals, long-lasting antibacterial safer


In August, the number of joint authority of the State Power Grid agency issued a "water purifier microbial secondary pollution White Paper" mentioned: "water purifier long-term use, use or standing for too long, the total number of colonies of water are much higher than the national standard, objective description purifier secondary pollution existence. "only a very small part of people can correctly use a water filter or purifier concern over the problem of secondary pollution, many families even installed a water purifier, but also did not play the desired effect, and even into the risks of drinking unclean in.


As the leading brand of small appliances, nine positive long-term concern the field of infant health, water quality is one of focus. The launch of the nine positive addition to heavy metals bacteriostatic water purifier R7s, not only can filter out heavy metals, more long-lasting antibacterial.



nine positive addition to heavy metals using bacteriostatic water purifier R7s RO reverse osmosis technology, one type of filter movement, the experiment proved harmful heavy metals in drinking water of 99% or more can be filtered off. Further, this internal water purifier using bacteriostatic material + microporous fibers full antibacterial filter, to achieve better long-acting antimicrobial, can effectively prevent secondary pollution.



ever smaller water purifier memory, each time you want references sterile water, often take some time to wait. The nine positive release of heavy metals in addition bacteriostatic water purifier R7s 700-gallon flux, basically meet the daily household drinking water. Of water flow reached 1.85L / min, i.e. to achieve one second filtered drink, experience greatly enhanced sense.



With Baoma their pursuit of quality of life, choice appliances is not only functional fit, appearance and operation is also a key selection criteria. Nine positive addition to heavy metals R7s bacteriostatic water purifier using human interface opposite side, the whole body on its side, to reduce the footprint of the cabinet. On Intelligent side significantly more user-friendly operation, the cartridge-side transverse pumping, easy replacement. In addition, innovative power for the core technology, can be completed by a key touch filter removal, you can easily get your own at home.



In addition to heavy metals nine positive R7s bacteriostatic water purifier using WIFI intelligent control functions that can be moved Baoma water quality monitoring, water and filter life. Baoma liberation, no time tied at home, but also be able to deal with the well-organized home life.


antibacterial alliance, multi-faceted protect your baby healthy


As the industry leader in home appliances, nine positive innovation not only their products, but also to cooperate with the Union series of outstanding enterprises, concern the whole society, sterile create a healthy living environment for infants and young children.


for the common defense of the babys healthy growth in the nine positive call, Safeguard, Walch, babyganics Gan Nick baby, Shark join together to antibacterial alliance to care for the baby, Baoma healthy living as the core aims.



established Japanese brand launch Safeguard antibacterial shower gel, body to help the baby antibacterial; antibacterial liquid detergent Walch aerobic laundry, sterilization effectively remove 100 99% kinds of stains, to help the baby, Baoma clothes away bacteria;US imports Gan Nick baby disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer, natural plant extract formula, 0 moderate alcohol does not stimulate, without washing can effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria, help your baby away from the troubled bacteria; US clean technology experts Shark Shark filtering off steam mop, the steam injection temperature sterilization of 120 degrees, effectively remove 99.99% of the bacteria and mites, the baby can safely climb on the floor. From clothing, food, housing, all aspects of the line, infants were full effect protection.

   members of the

antibacterial league, its individual brands in their respective fields have a certain reputation, the alliance more to reflect the social value of the enterprise, baby health issues of public concern, the best their ability to contribute to a multi-faceted guarantee a healthy baby, for the baby to create a new world of sterile Baoma.



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