Water purification services would also need to upgrade timpr

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   In recent years, water purifiers have entered the annual peak sales, but the sales side relatively rapid development, in fact, slightly less than the servers capabilities. The reason is largely because of the cost problems caused by internal "re-pin, light service" phenomenon. 鍑€姘村櫒鏈嶅姟

   Therefore, in order to protect the interests of consumers, water purification experts highlighted several services a little leak:

   First, the installation of three service points to note

   1. install the reservation is more efficient, but the need to install further ado, the reservation does not equal success successful installation.

   2. Installation and maintenance guide won the most praise, but the installation of the service experience a sense poor.

   3. The most objectionable installations arbitrary charges, fees need to be put in place to produce.

   Second, maintenance services Notes

   The main problems encountered in the user purchase a water purifier concentrated in terms of both the product itself and maintenance.

   1. Accounted for the core is not high find brand sale.

   2. The end user is more desirable to replace the filter sale through brand.

   3. Returning rate is not high, but better results visit.

   Third, the maintenance aspects of issues outstanding

   a few suggestions to improve aspects of the

   1 pre-sale stage: Be sure to clearly inform maintenance information. .

   2 service process: Unable to-door on time, must inform the client in advance; a return visit in stepping up enforcement of the image of the service staff; strengthening standard operating procedures training and actual implementation of the assessment. .

   3 Maintenance phase: clearly marked on the machine and telephone service through multiple channels to promote; shoppers return visit enlarged scope; develop biodiversity way of a return visit;

   4 Maintenance link: failure to regularly collect and difficult to carry out training sessions, attention must need the headquarters of the lead, strengthen guidance services.

   now clean water users perception of the industry has not only limited to the product, but rather the perception of the entire service, including products, including the. Along with brand competition, to lay this card service, exceeding user expectations and improve customer satisfaction, and create a better mining user needs, in order to better promote the brand based on the market.

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