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   stainless steel cup used in the process must be timely cleaning, otherwise it will affect the stainless steel cup, when life, when cleaning and do not mess with some detergent.




stainless steel mug is not easy smashes, in daily life, we often use stainless steel mug, some people will use stainless steel mug to make tea, but in the process of using stainless steel mug, we can not ignore the baby cleaning and maintenance, if not timely cleaning or maintenance, it will directly affect the life of stainless steel mug. The stainless steel cup clean it with what? 2020-06-04 brief you about the content knowledge of small household drinking water.


First, when cleaning thermos or mug, first wet sponges, dish soap plus a little after gently brush the inside of thermos or mug, then rinse with water.


Second, mug lid slot good cleaning, should be selected so that the detachable lid style, easy to clean.


Third, if the mug is selected style non-detachable lid, preferably a chopsticks, chopsticks toilet paper wrap, and then inserting the lid slot to remove dirt.


Fourth, if the odor thermos or mug, may be filled with hot water, then add 1 teaspoon baking soda, 30-60 minutes and then soaked with water rinse.


Fifth, the inner layer will destroy the anti-scouring pads or thermos mug stick coating, they cause residual beverage flavor and color, making cleaning more difficult, so we can not scrub with scouring pads.


Sixth, mug or thermos after washing to dry, do not boil or temperature dryer drying, or may be deformed, affect the insulation effect.


by cleaning methods to understand the stainless steel cup, we can know, stainless steel cup require timely cleaning, otherwise the material will be formed, will also affect our health, each time using a stainless steel cup after all to clean a timely manner, in the usual life, but also regularly use detergent to clean the cup, we should not use force or strong cleaning agents, but also to avoid to prevent the outer coating will be some damage. Here I suggest that you, milk and tea and coffee color heavier drinks, try not to use both stainlessSteel cup.




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