Three strategies to teach you clevero buy drinking war purif

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   We can not change the natural disaster has brought us a little bad water quality, but you can at home to install a suitable water purifier water purification. So, faced with the type of many brands of water purifier market, how to choose a suitable home water purifier? Xiao Bian here to give you the following suggestions.




Three strategies to teach you clever to buy drinking water purifier health care (Photo from Internet)

   First, the first certified safety and health first brand [123 ]

   consumers in the selection of household water purifiers, we suggested that the best establishment in the heart of a conscious understanding of the importance of product quality, which is very important to your relationship will buy a home water purifier is whether have safety and health protection of household water purifiers, because the production of household water purifier manufacturers must obtain health permits higher health supervision departments, but also through technical supervision departments identified, to comply with the national "drinking water standards" brand only have safety and health protection.

   Second, high purchase cost performance

   1, when a home water purifier select different configuration, different kinds of natural water purification effect is different, the price of home water purifier It will be different. In general, water purifiers ultrafiltration simple structure, based activated carbon, filtered limited capacity, can only use as a coarse filter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink. Most of a home water purifier filter water purification products are low, both well-known brand-name brand or cottage, in the water purification market, each priced at about the price of 200-1000 yuan.

   2, multi-stage filtration type home water purifier. Such a home water purifier has two coarse filter and a fine filter set, and multiple fine filter cartridge using hollow fiber filtration can reach most of the water to drink straight.

   Third, a different quality, but also because it is optional rather proposed

   1, water hardness different in different regions, north and south of high hardness of limestone areas, the water calcium and magnesium ion content high, easy to scale, it should be advanced with an optional purifier ion exchange resin filter cartridge.

   2, the chlorine-containing water, color odor heavier, higher organic content of city water, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier. Since activated carbon has a strong adsorption of water and chlorine, color smell, significant removal of organic matter.

   3, urban and rural areas for the water is turbid water purification can be considered to select an ultrafiltration function home water purifier. Severely contaminated water, requires completely filter out bacteria, viruses, heterochromatic odor, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities in the water, no heating value required to achieve linear drink, we recommend RO reverse osmosis water purification. Whatever water quality, brand RO reverse osmosis membrane after purification, can basically meet the standard water.

   want to buy a suitable water purification products, consumers should do is first of all a better understanding of water purifier, water purifier to understand the market. For water purifier enterprises, need to do better products, better after-sales service in place, business people more humane. So, buy a water purifier is no longer a consumers heart.

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