The reason large flux of purwater in water purificioequipmen

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   According to the monthly retail sales monitor display line under the PRC, Chinas first 400 gallons of water for large flux since its inception in 2010, as of 2017 1--8 months, and more than 400 gallons of pure large flux water retail sales share has reached 49%, water purification equipment market accounted for nearly half of the market share. So why large flux of pure water can rise in the water purification equipment market?



   1, reverse osmosis technology is more suitable for Chinese water quality, more secure

   Chinas water situation is more complex, deterioration of water quality in many areas due to long-term industrial belt to heavy metal pollution, while large differences in water quality north and south, the north water base, more scale. Filter apparatus according to purification can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and activated carbon filtering accuracy and the like. The highest precision reverse osmosis filter pore size is only 0.1 nanometers, can effectively filter out heavy metals and scale, make drinking water safer.

   2, major brands have clean water flux of water for the Distribution of

   RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy although higher compared to other filtration, pure water flux but small and Water slow, with pressure tank likely to cause secondary pollution become a major pain points users. To solve this problem, various brands have launched no clean water tank of large flux of pure water, will increase the rate of water to 1.05L / min or more, to achieve that is ready to drink filtered, and continue to increase this market segment layout efforts.

   3, a large flux of water machine high investment brings high price

   In recent years, various water purification business of product upgrades, technological innovation, mainly around large flux of pure water expansion , including smaller size, lower noise, reduce waste, improve the service life of the filter, the TDS water quality monitoring, reduce secondary pollution. Therefore, higher manufacturing costs a large flux of pure water, the market price is also higher.

   The reason is that more than three in a large flux of pure water purification equipment markets rise.

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