Said weak alkaline water is good for heth, is that true-

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  Said weak alkaline water is good for health, is that true? Publish Web Site: Published: 2017-02-20

   "Some bottled water printed on the packaging pH value weakly alkaline, beneficial to human health and other words, is not necessarily buy weak base of water to do? "there are some consumers that are confused, why some bottled water indicated pH range (pH value), while others do not.


   hospital nutrition experts say, is acidic or alkaline water is not the sole criterion for judging the health of the water, the bodys own this powerful acid-base regulation, whereby consumers do not have to rely too much on the pH value affect water quality. In fact, the World Health Organizations study shows that the size has not yet been found that the pH value of the drinking water is directly related to human health.

   most of bottled water packaging marked content relevant trace elements, whether these can really add the necessary trace elements? Experts point out that usually refers to inorganic minerals, the water inside is more common sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium carbonates and the like metasilicate. These elements are really needed by the body, but the key is to get these nutrients three meals a day. She calcium as an example, if calcium by drinking, needs to drink 17 liters of water a day, about the same amount of bottled water is a vat.

   In addition, some bottled water appearing on the market, in the production process often removes most of the water and mineral elements, to reduce the water hardness, so that smooth taste drink up. Thus, relying on bottled water to supplement the trace elements do not fly.

   For information on the effectiveness of the water, comes from individual businesses marketing campaign, most of the people on what to buy water to drink, how to drink water, often "confused." "Normal required daily intake of about 2500 ml of water, including the usual food and water metabolism of the decomposition of water intake by drinking water intake of 1200 milliliters is enough, about 6-7 glasses of water." Experts say drinking water is also to pay attention to scientific and rational.

   We encourage you drink plenty of water every day to ensure a sufficient amount of water, but all things have a degree, not the drink the better, especially heart disease, kidney disease and pulmonary heart disease but also to the people Note that control water intake. Therefore, we recommend that you do not need to in order to gather the recommended intake and forced to drink water.

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