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   At this stage, the home appliance industry are in a lean period of transition, looking for new business models, "health card" became a household electrical appliance enterprises have poured into the outlet, appliances are also naturally become a health industry. In the home appliance industry, health has been in a state associated with, for example, in the TV market, meaning anti-blue eye health, health content resources; in the refrigerator industry, including the embrace of the people in their daily intake of fresh nutritious meals; in washing machine market, bear the clean clothes, sterilization, mites role to protect peoples skin healthy; empty net in the air conditioning industry and industry efforts to improve the quality of air temperature and human survival, in order to achieve the most comfortable body temperature and best air quality. With the advent of health appliances, "health industry" began to be mentioned, which is affiliated with the industrys plaque purification of water appliances industry, "Sunshine, air, water," water purifier market faced three one of the points might play.

   appears purifier market means that Chinese peoples lifestyle changes, as well as improve quality of life, it reflects the degree of human civilization. When drinking water was contaminated and very serious harm, according to the report Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows that when pollutants including lead, copper, arsenic, or cancer-causing pollution, it will harm human health, the human body can cause liver, kidney damage, cancer and infertility problems. Filtered water is often not saturated with water scale base, acid rain pollution was acidic water, animal secretions, PM2.5, E. coli and other bacteria and viruses.

   former ancient drink from the source, but now, "drink from the source" of the deep meaning.

   The ancients also has the Clean Water Act

   water purification project in China has existed for thousands of years. Although the hands Juyi Peng will drink water from the streams is a common plot costume drama, but also have imagined, but the ancient health and safety of drinking water is also not entirely naturalness. With the development of population, China also benefited most ancient drinking water safety to protect public drinking water projects. Spring and Autumn Period, "Zhu Yi well, so go hereby poisonous." Well, the ancients is the most important drinking water facilities, water purification main way to expand around the well, the well from draining away the excess sludge, affixed to the wall for the pottery, then is our well-known covers.

   inherited from ancient times and now still is in most Chinese families, boil water most cost-effective means of water purification. And in addition to the "boiling method", because the ancients hi tea,Very particular about the purification of water, Ming Xu times world "tea sparse Optional water," it reads:. "Crossed the Yellow River past, worry about the beginning of a cloud, boat people in order to clarify law too, drink and Gan" in the late Ming scholar Fang Yizhi "physical little knowledge" and reads: "unusual given water, alum, red bean, almond, realgar, gypsum Jieke." alum which refers to is alum.

   In ancient limited technical conditions, accumulation of water purification is not wisdom gave an account, and tea also removes excess natural mineral water, but in the face of advanced technology but water pollution moment, Xu times world described by the "boat people" wisdom had failed.

   Relying on the development of clean water "lost the good nature"

   standing on the rapid economic development of the natural environment on the shoulder, which caused many serious water pollution drinking water had basically rely on well water and the village has become a spring of water pollution the most serious place, the emergence of cancer villages also gives rise to panic in fear of the water, what is the upstream water? and these areas are often the least equipped to install water purifier. In the heart of the city, drinking water in jeopardy, Chinas main source of groundwater city, almost all groundwater subject to different degrees of pollution, especially in the north many cities due to the serious overexploitation, hardness, nitrate, chloride content of groundwater increased year by year , resulting in excessive. 45% of the countrys waters and groundwater contamination 80%, more than 90% of urban water pollution.

   In many rural areas, water way is to sprinkle bleaching powder water wells, the reservoir, but many reservoirs will usher in the summer "visitors" patronizing. As people improved quality of life, in municipal water treatment process, waterworks chlorine disinfection agents, turn on the tap water will find a white powder. It is understood that the reaction of chlorine with organic substances generated water remaining carcinogens, carcinogenic properties after boiling will quadruple, while the heavy metal pollutants and will not boil and disappear.

   It is worth mentioning that, in the wake of the implementation of the new national standard of drinking water, the former water also played a kind of chaos inhibition, and drinking water market is still favorable largest market. And before this, mineral water is packaged became vitamin water, distilled water, mineral water, ionized water, alkaline water, water, energy, water and other concepts of beauty freckle water, drink harmless, do not drink no loss. In todays era of intelligent, users can not help but ask: whether there will be a "smart water", "artificial intelligence water" painstaking packaging above the cost?Loss of large, serious waste of resources.

   found in the visit, many rural areas have been recommended over a water purifier salesman Qiaokai Men, or the entire community organizing recommended water purifier, but the real installation of the very few people on the net understanding of the water is still the initialization state. Water purifiers will undoubtedly become an essential electrical appliances in the future peoples daily lives, whether it is personal or municipal-led purchase of way, drinking water not far future, but the present situation but quite distant. Inseparable from life and drinking water, and peoples drinking habits are changes occur, consumers can solve water quality and interference only last meter home.

   water purifier market boom superficial

   domestic water purification industry is still in the period of enlightenment and market cultivation period, market capacity expansion, Chinas consumers have net product of drinking water rate. In many places in China, for water purifiers poorly understood, it is still a relative luxury appliances, or a hundred Yuan, or the hundreds of million from the sale of the consumer market not only do not understand, many more places with no conditions water purifiers, regardless of social status.

   According to the monitoring data in line, water purifier high-end (鈮?000 yuan) price segment share increased year by year, before the end of this year 26 weeks share more than 50%, while the average price of water industry is growing, almost equal 4,000 yuan, an increase of 13.4%, the average price of 4690 yuan, foreign brands, an increase of 10.4%, the average price of domestic brands 3482 yuan, an increase of 14.7%. Present in water purification technology market is divided into reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nano-filtration and the like, and wherein the data display, reverse osmosis product accounting for nearly 90%, accounting for less than 5% after three. Respected by green manufacturing and supervision on the agenda, water purifier will also meet the layers of filtration and screening.

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