Still grim situation of my countrys water polluon ctrol

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  Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that began to improve the water quality of Taihu Lake, Taihu Lake eutrophication measure of the main indicators of total nitrogen and total phosphorus have decreased significantly, ahead of the 2015 national requirements of water quality objectives. Previously, almost every year from May to November, the water quality of Taihu Lake algae situation will be particularly affects the heart of the community, Taihu Lake Basin can be described as a protracted, costly, eight years has invested hundreds of billions of funds, a total size of more than 10,000 treatment projects, called the major river valleys "too late" a model of governance.

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   water pollution is called "the worlds number one killer," China is one of the worlds most serious water pollution in the country, 70% of the territory of rivers, lakes and reservoirs are suffering from varying degrees of pollution . Current culture, complex, compression-type water pollution has become increasingly prominent, has become the most prominent factor affecting our water security, water pollution prevention and control situation is very grim.

   Fortunately, "precautionary measure" governance initiatives are rolled out. By 2015, with the implementation of new environmental laws, promulgated the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "water-ten"), local water environment quality assessment as the starting point, and actively develop Local Government Area Water Pollution Prevention Plan program, conscientiously implement.

   Puyang, Zhejiang Province, was once water appear green, yellow, black, or even pink and cream, not drinking, not washing, not irrigation, can not even touch, lost almost all the features of the water. Face water pollution shocking situation, the local government to come up courage ton output capacity, were implemented in 2015, "a total of five water treatment" Project 30, so that the county Catchment been completely resolved.

   Tianjin carry out a comprehensive water pollution, water resources and aquatic ecosystems of the basis of the investigation, identify the main issues and factors affecting the water quality of the environment. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region minute status of water bodies survey of drinking water, surface water, urban water, groundwater, troubleshoot the "top ten" enterprises, industrial park wastewater treatment facilities, agricultural non-point source pollution in base. Henan Province on 62 rivers 94 sections were analyzed responsibility goals for 1945 and 186 key industrial enterprises sewage treatment plant emissions of total phosphorus investigation summary.

   At the same time, Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region to establish a water pollution control mechanism of collaboration. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was set up by the Party Committee, vice chairman of the government as head of the regions water pollution control leadershipThe Panel was established sector coordination mechanisms, information submitted to the linkage mechanism. Shandong Province, established to implement the "water ten" sectoral joint conference system, from time to time to discuss major issues, communications and scheduling progress, sharing of information resources.

   "Beijings water pollution control program of work" is required, since 2016, published every six months black-odor water governance to the community. Before the end of 2017, to achieve a large area of 鈥嬧€媡he river no floating debris, riparian no garbage, no illegal sewage outfall, basically eliminate black-odor water built-up area of 鈥嬧€媡he center of the city and Metro.

   Mr. Wang, who lives in Beijing is planning a water environment researchers to get off work every day to go through the next Qinghe home, regret has been poor water quality of this river. He told reporters, after "Water 10" was announced, "black-odor remediation work guidelines city water," issued a "black-odor water treatment technology policy" is also widely consulted in September 2015. He found along the Qinghe sewage interception project being implemented, temporary sewage treatment facilities is already running, looking forward to this.

   It is understood that, in 2016, the Ministry of Environmental Protection system plan "Thirteen Five" total control of the overall layout of the work, to further promote pollution abatement, implementation of emission reduction of major projects, continue to reduce emissions of pollutants ; continue to improve the water quality of the environment as the core, strengthen the source of control, integrated land and water, Hohai into account, comprehensively promote the water quality goals are attained.

   stressed that "source control", is to avoid "too late" pay a huge price, although this has not immediate clear water lake in a short time to restore the net, but at least with this kind of thinking long-term water management , as well as air pollution and other problems, people are a promising direction.

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