Reverse osmosis water purifi can drink it directly

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   water reverse osmosis water purifier can direct you to drink? The answer is yes. Look at the introduction of small series now.




is a reverse osmosis filtering employed in the water purifier, as compared to the common use of water purifier PP cotton, filtered water cleaner. Simply put its technical principle is mainly used to gauge the power of the filtration membrane separation technology, which originated in the 1960s, beginning mainly for aerospace research, with the continuous development of updated technology, and slowly transformed into the home field currently applied more widely. Then, reverse osmosis water purifier can direct you to drink?


RO RO membrane pore size to nanometer (1 nanometer = 10-9 m), at a certain pressure, H2O molecules through the RO membrane, the source water and inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic compounds, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities can not pass through the RO membrane, so that the pure water and the concentrated water pervious zone impermeable to strictly separate.


General tap water conductivity through the RO membrane filter 5渭s / cm after (RO membrane filtration water conductance conductivity 脳 desalination rate = water, reverse osmosis desalination general import rate can reach 99 % or more, 5 years guarantee operation above 97% required for relatively high conductivity water, 2-stage reverse osmosis may be employed, through simple processing, electric conductivity can be less than 1渭s / cm), in line with national standards laboratory three water . And then through an ion exchange column atomically loop filter, the water resistivity can reach 18.2M .cm, a national laboratory than water standard (GB 6682-92).


RO reverse osmosis membrane pure water for high-tech products, only through water molecules, the water molecules larger than completely exclude molecules, heavy metals and impurities with water molecules completely separated, for high levels of impurities such as desalination, water is the best equipment. Water reverse osmosis water produced is really clean water. RO reverse osmosis water out of the mechanism with respect to pure water bottled water fresher, more hygienic, safer, its use is very wide:


can drink, drink can boil, most in this respect prominent feature is the electric kettle or thermos bottle never furring up.


These are the water purifier knowledge introduction, after reading, you should know it. In fact, under normal circumstances, the water is still relatively clean and healthy, soDo not be home water purifier it is necessary to install the tangled issue. It is important to have some more knowledge of small household drinking water, will not live without water trapped.




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