Water purifier deals how to cultivate excellent staff in Eur

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done whenever sales have heard "not sell products, not only selling products, people," the phrase sharply revealed the importance of having a good Purchasing Guide. As just cut into the domestic market is still short of water purification industry, Purchasing Guide training is more important. After all outstanding Purchasing Guide can enhance product image and retain a large number of loyal customers, thus helping the dealer winning end.

   found by visiting the market, dealers often heard complaining about the problem of the loss of Purchasing Guide. In this regard, insiders pointed out, "the dealer is not enough emphasis on training Purchasing Guide is the loss of key personnel, Purchasing Guide in the downstream industry chain seem trivial, but they are the key groups face the end consumer, if the dealer can do a good job sales training Purchasing Guide, it is the first step into the door of success "for how to do water purifier business training Purchasing Guide, you can be from the following aspects:

   use eyes, selected seedling is the key

   water purifier is a very particular expertise in energy-saving products, which requires the Purchasing Guide to master the general shopping guide skills, they also need features to the product itself, use, installation and maintenance, etc. have a comprehensive system expertise. So in order to cultivate outstanding Purchasing Guide, we must base the selection of a good sales staff to appropriate principles as guidelines for the selection of Purchasing Guide. In the selection process, the case of related industries engaged in professional Purchasing Guide is desirable, if the event of serious work, hard-working good seed should not be missed, after all, a good seedling can also be trained to become a good shopping guide member. By dealer "buyer beware" can enhance employee loyalty, shopping guide to prevent the brain drain.

   to achieve humane care, improve service quality

   create a pleasant atmosphere that arouse customer terminal sales of consumer desires and create this atmosphere often play an important role in the Purchasing Guide. If a customer into the store to see the Purchasing Guide in chat or in a daze, thinking it will be difficult to achieve results in a purchase. The friendly Purchasing Guide often give people the feeling of closeness, so that customers stay time to stop watching, and further stimulate the customers desire to buy. Thus, the quality of service has become an important factor in whether the customer buying behavior to achieve. In this regard, the dealer must strengthen the Purchasing Guide enhance service awareness training, and more attention to the Purchasing GuideWork and even life, to ensure they have a pleasant mood and full of energy to serve our customers, so that they willingly provide customers with first-class service, so as to promote the sale of goods.

   establish a comprehensive training system, flexible and good market response

   times are changing, marketing, training should also be timely and change. In order to adapt to the changing market conditions Purchasing Guide, the industry keep abreast of new developments and new technologies, the dealer should be based on theory with practice, effectively circumvent these ideas, talking, preaching, the Purchasing Guide training fell to the ground. The best method to culture from the concept, objectives and prospects for development aid to indoctrination, so that they always maintained a strong learning ability, Purchasing Guide to grow in this environment can not only do a good job market flexibility to deal with, actually improve their belonging height, mobility will be reduced accordingly. Of course, each region has a different selling environment and market, dealers should play to their initiative, targeted for Purchasing Guide training.

   Of course, many manufacturers will offer some shopping guide training courses, but manufacturers of energy is limited, can not take care of every dealer and more training may be for business or the product itself, to local consumers the characteristics and habits, as the dealer managers, must have accurate judgments, and passed to the shopping guide staff.

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