Overnight water hazards and ovnight tea

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   is the day boil water overnight and then into the water the next day. Gettin water, some bacteria will be killed, and bacteria in the water overnight will significantly increase the amount, while the overnight tea on the human body also has certain hazards, let Xiaobian to introduce water overnight and the overnight tea harm it.




you know why not drink water overnight? According to the myths "can not drink water overnight" primarily because the water contains zero overnight said alcohol, phenol oxygen, hydrogen hydroxyl chemicals, can cause diarrhea, or even produce carcinogenic substances nitrite, the nitrite in Geye salt content will increase, and nitrites cause cancer. Here we take a look at the overnight water hazards and overnight tea is what it.


Since everyone is worried about overnight tea in the nitrite, nitrite then we talk about the good. In fact, nitrite itself does not cause cancer. But nitrite-containing food is eaten into the body, under the action of acid, the stomach will bind biogenic amines, nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are worthy of strong carcinogens everyone feared, and liver cancer, is closely related to gastrointestinal malignancies. The following Xiaobian together to find out the water hazards overnight tea bar.


1, tea polyphenols containing substance that is oxidized to a brown gum in air and water easily - tea stain. Tea stain containing Gao, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other substances. Does not stay in the drinking cup or tea, such as overnight tea, the longer the time exposed to air, oxidation of tea polyphenols amount more rust. Tea stain into the body, by binding to dietary protein, fat and vitamins, precipitation, hinder the absorption and digestion of nutrients.


2, once these oxidizing substances into the human body, but also to the kidneys, liver and other organs stomach inflammation, ulceration, necrosis and other diseases. So, Geye not drink, and tea should also be cleaned regularly.


3, the high summer temperatures, easy to rancidity taste of tea, if you put aside more than 24 hours, the best drink, otherwise it will cause diarrhea.


4, Geye because it takes too long, most have lost vitamins and tea in protein, carbohydrates have become bacteria, fungi breeding nutrients, so that is unfit for drinking.


Above is Xiaobian to introduce the overnight tea is not harmful, and in fact, the human body is water overnight no harmIt has introduced a small series of articles in the others, I will not repeat here, if you want to know these families drinking little knowledge, then to this view it online.




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