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   Chinese have a saying called "sell themselves", tells the story of a plain yet profound truth: Even without any modification and publicity, good things always manifested and he accepted and recognized. However, in todays society, so that a high-speed information developed, now all walks of life are closely linked with the development of marketing, it can be said that with the development of enterprises are closely related. Water purifier business is no exception, is the marketing brand image, product sales guarantee, channel construction work to promote the system. ? Enterprise development is inseparable from marketing, but does that mean that marketing is everything we do is easy to fall into errors which overlooked in the development of marketing it

   a trap:? Long live marketing, marketing universal

   [ 123] will give top priority to the marketing of a few companies, the marketing position of emperor in a few more companies, and that the marketing is universal enterprise is endless, these companies triggered the first misunderstanding, they think that marketing is too important it seems more important than the product itself is their own business, but it is clear that this idea is very wrong, there was a friend opened a hot pot restaurant, to be honest, not really delicious hot pot, but this man child marketing really new, in order to attract a lot of customers, but the customers did not say that the arrival of delicious, and in order to cover its marketing costs, but let the price of pot is more expensive, so this caused a worse reputation, so a counterexample proved marketing is not a panacea, but the wrong marketing can only allow customers to pay, so it keeps operating costs increased by more invisible. So for you business operators, marketing is not a panacea, but marketing tool for the development of business services for enterprises to bring more benefits.

   Trap II: excessive marketing will be able to benefit

   This refers to the case of some companies do not understand the excessive marketing, will continue to give top priority to marketing, through a variety of media undue publicity, so that consumers feel a headache, but a lot of people will think melatonin is over-hyped, but in fact it is a model of marketing, his ad a catchy so many people remember, and many of marketing companies are like superficial, superficial, consumers do not have the opportunity to learn more about the marketers of the product, then it is a failure on behalf of the marketing is also meaningless, so not only for businesses to improve their marketing efficiency, More needs to change to improve their marketing strategy, content marketing can really let go the minds of consumers.

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