Two-eleven shopping spree water purifier manufacturs elimina

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   September and October just after the blink of an eye, two-eleven big promotion coming again electricity supplier, which is also a water purifier agents promotion good time. However, water purification agents in order to become successful in the two-eleven to buy water purifier carnival, nor is it a simple matter, which also have to follow the rules, combined with online and offline.

   crazy line with risks, communicate effectively protect the brand manufacturers selling

   During the two-eleven, in the two-eleven, many water purifiers businesses are online discount none. However, small series does not fully agree with this method. Because the original two-eleven in order to promote the brand slightly lower prices to attract consumers is normal thing, but some businesses blindly lower prices, at the expense of quality to price competition. Line a few hundred water purifier, the line has to more than two thousand, that would only hurt consumers, but also the agents caused no small impact to a certain extent, because online sales prices are generally open factory out, it is directly based on product prices, so the price is low, if the agents to where they are needed to transport the profits of manufacturers, products, rent, personnel and its own operating profit as a starting point, so agents to make a profit, it is impossible to lower prices.


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double eleven shopping spree water purifier manufacturers eliminate the need to communicate risks

   obviously manufacturers and dealers are cooperative relationship, now it has become competing relations, Whose Fault? a water purifier brand manager, said as a water purifier manufacturers, the case should be developed to improve the sustainability of development programs, under the protection of the common interests of manufacturers and distributors, to develop a viable marketing Program.

   focusing on brand development WOM

   agents chosen the right water purifier brand agency, has become the spokesman for the brand in the region, so it should have its own right, do not be manufacturers faction under the command of the business, but should carry out their duties, in reporting important plans or meet track record in communication, maintain the appropriate space between each other, not to business people as for the imperial. For example, a water purifier brand, adhere to the maximum intensity of support agents, but in the direction of a large holiday marketing, agents and distributors will be fully compatible with its own local policy, let it build brand locally and try to develop word of mouth marketing .

   improve service marketing achievements feast

   some time ago about the water industry reported sales of light weight and many other services, at present, the water industry to improve service is especially valued, water purifier installation and care is a certain professionalism, experience the line is not adequate, if under no way in the business to ensure the installation and maintenance of the specific issues of the case online purchase, consumers have to be resolved, if the self-installation and care, then there will be great difficulty, if improper care, water purifier may lose the original have the function of water purifier it will become an ornament or sewage. So businesses in addition to service-oriented products, should also be constructed at something down water purifier, water purifier to be installed so that care are simple household appliances.

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