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  Tim net water purifier for your ideas: how to remove the smell of tap water: Tim net water purification Views: 1289 Published: 2014-2-3 3:18:17 tap water used in the country has a lot of years, but also due to For this reason, many residents found the home there is always an odor of tap water, Tim net water purifier introduction, the main reason is, there is a situation due to the water pipe and the water contains bacteria, viruses, etc. caused due to the water after the water is not treated tap water, instead of using the second pressurized water supply, which can lead to unpleasant smell in the water, how to remove the water smell it? Tim net water purifier, said water unpleasant smell the odor can be removed by the following method: 1, or to inform the WSC residential property, timely treatment. 2, the tap is opened, allowing water to flow for a while, if a rush of water, the tap tie layers of gauze can be used, play simple filtering effect, then boiled for drinking. 3, if the comparison muddy water, then with hot water of aluminum can be opened with a sulfuric acid, and then poured onto water tank or barrel, aluminum sulfate can be precipitated debris in the water, so that the water becomes clear. 4, the water if it is likely odor containing bacteria, can put a spoonful of bleach solution in 50 liters of water, the chlorine bleach is possible to kill bacteria in the water. These are a few Tim net water purifier to introduce a simple method to remove the water smell, in fact, the best way is to install a water purifier is better, water purifier capable of removing impurities contained in the water, including bacteria, sediment, odor, removal of heavy metals, etc., to achieve complete water purification effect, if you feel at home there is a demand in this area, so please do not wait, as soon as possible as soon as possible to protect the health install water purifiers.

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