Understanding the advantages a disadvges of household water

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   now available in a wide variety of water purification products, so many consumers to choose. Here, small series and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of household water purifiers to help you better buy water purifiers.




clear understanding of home water purifier after the optional (picture from the network)

   First, household water purifier advantages

   1, filter impurities

   the heavy metals in tap water of bacteria, viruses as well as calcium and magnesium, rust, sand and other filters out, people shouted healthy, in line with national health standards for water. In the area of 鈥嬧€媤ater is quite hard, water purifiers can significantly improve the taste of water.

   2, retain beneficial minerals

   This is in relation to the benefits of pure water, its, its not like pure water to filter out all other substances, but retains beneficial to the body minerals, trace elements to prevent deficiencies.

   3, water, fresh and inexpensive

   bottled water dispenser commonly used city, filled with water due to the uncertainty of time, the plastic material barrels failed, not sterilized and other reasons, then plus the short term could not finish a large bucket of water to drink small family, so that water can easily deteriorate, especially in the hot summer months. Pure water purification at home, open the faucet, you can always drink fresh water. Bottled water with respect to him, its cost is not high.

   Second, household water purifiers shortcomings

   1, space

   the average family to install central water purifier, the kitchen also install kitchen water purifier. If it is the small size of families, small kitchen space, we must consider the possibility pretend to be.

   2, more frequent replacement of consumables

   water filter cartridge every operation day, consuming quickly. Different materials filter as short as three months or as long as a year to be replaced. When purchasing a water purifier must have this understanding, so as not to think trouble after buying.

   above is small series brings advantages and disadvantages of introduction of household water purifiers, seats may help to know a friend in need Oh!

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