The -big coffee- how to do the development of water purifier

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  In recent years, countries are increasingly focusing on process water quality, that is, the development of water treatment equipment. But we all should know water treatment equipment after-sales service is very important, so lets talk about how to service the water industry "big coffee" development, first of all we look at the current status quo is how. 鍚戔€滃ぇ鍜栤€濆彂灞?鍑€姘村櫒鍞悗鎬庝箞鍔? width=

   1. The low market more chaotic threshold

   2015 Chinese household and commercial water purification equipment market sales of nearly 30 billion yuan, is expected over the next six years will remain above 40% growth by 2020 on the scale exceeded 100 billion, reached 128 billion yuan. Water industry high growth rate and low penetration rate, has brought a huge market space for development. "In the Chinese home appliance marketing annual meeting at the end of 2015, the PRC, the report said. The reporter has learned, domestic water purifier manufacturers have been more than 4000, but no more than those in middle-aged corporate brand sales of 1 billion yuan 10, brand concentration is very low, leading to chaotic markets, which reflect the low production of water purification industry barriers to entry.


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   2. troubled a lot of opportunities [ 123]

   As we all know, water purifier is a need for continued support services, in order to reflect the product value products to play. but the survey showed that despite the development of water purification industry for many years, but the companys service is not optimistic, light-weight sales service problems very prominent. purifier brand a line in Tianjin, the user activates the rate is only about 3 percent. this aspect is in the sales process, terminal shopping guide in order to achieve sales, it might affect the transaction, saying only that the many benefits of water purifier, but then water purifiers need for lifelong maintenance, and to pay the appropriate costs and understatement, or did not mention, so that consumers mistakenly think to buy water purification products, once and for all. due to the resulting post-service consumer misunderstanding, it is difficult to activate .

   on the other hand, due to the rapid development of water purification industry, a growing number of household electrical appliance enterprises no service genes flock to the water industry, assess the need for after-sales service system to build a long-term accumulation, single rely on services difficult to sustain the high cost of service, so the orphans machines on the market, more and more seen as a business opportunity, understandable, production and development of high-quality products to meet customer demand, will focus on products and services to the have the ability to do a professional team, the enterprise is a good thing.


鍚戔€滃ぇ鍜栤€濆彂灞?鍑€姘村櫒鍞悗鎬庝箞鍔? width= [123.] 3 can not stick to change the method is very important

   a lot of companies are trying to change the status quo service, brand manufacturers are usually two changes:

   One is used to be the sales and service agency right handed over to a regional agents are solely responsible for, and now more and more enterprises and service sales agency rights are gradually separated;

   Another last two years as more and more service platform many, many companies also choose to have the ability to do third-party service platform services, third-party service platform a useful attempt to make up for the development of many enterprises short board.

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