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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, the seventh of things purifier + SNS mode share would value the vision of the grand opening; liters of whole house water purification family started "water Wars," and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (6.26-7.2) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   - M: Seventh things purifier + SNS mode share would value the vision of the grand opening

   [123 ] June 27, 2017, the seventh of things - M + SNS water purifier mode share would value the vision held in Shenzhen Kang headquarters, the meeting organized by the Shenzhen Hua Kang water purification Technology Co., Ltd., the countrys 16 provinces elites about 100 people attended the meeting. Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of Shenzhen Hua Kang led the elite around the country to watch the video Premier Li Keqiang speech at the Davos forum, so that we understand the relevant national policies of things and sharing the economy. [Click for more]

   liters of whole house water purification family started "water resistance"

   accompanied by population growth, economic development and urbanization, water shortages, water pollution, water ecological damage to shocking, water security is becoming a fundamental, global and strategic issues of economic and social development in the new period. Accompanied we moved into a new home, moved into new houses, what is new, only water is contaminated, this day is not perfect. You think only decoration pollution air pollution? Wrong! There are water pollution. Admitted to serious pollution of the new house decoration, it is tantamount to personally drive the child to the dead zone. [Click for more]

  , the source of projects that benefit into the Inner Mongolia Kulun Qi

   With the continuous development of society, peoples living conditions are getting better and better, but at the same time to enjoy life, environment pollution is also growing. Water pollution is now one of the most serious social problems. My friends all know that there is no water, not only human and even flowers grass can not survive, the importance of water to people may think. In many places in China have been contaminated with water, large areas of dead fish, lake stink and so on, and now even people drink water security has become a problem for this phenomenon are many merchants who market, are trying to build water purifiers device,And, the source of which is a brand! [Click for more]

   Ho Chak water purifier Cup 2017 Fudan EMBA Golf Association summer season start

   breeze blowing, green grass and gray carbon rod aim, lifted, turned a little white ball flying out, across a perfect arc in the air, quiet landing. This is not a movie close-up, but the on-site water purification Cup 2017 Ho Chak Fudan EMBA Golf Association summer season. June 28, sponsored by the Golf Association of Fudan University, a listed company in Hong Kong Ho Chak water purifier exclusive title of "Ho Chak water purification Cup 2017 summer season Fudan EMBA High Society" at the Shanghai Qi Zhong Gardens Golf Club swing start. [Click for more]

   clean water source water purifier so that children bid farewell to brackish water

   June 20, by a clean water source together with China Volunteer Service Foundation and the clear water spring Fund jointly launched the "drink from the source" National primary and secondary drinking water health charity, came to the Lianyungang saltworks school, donated the campus clean water source nanofiltration water purification equipment for teachers and students here, so that all teachers and students to drink sweet and delicious, safe and healthy drinking water. In this regard, saltworks school principal Wang deep feeling and said: "Our school is located near the beach, the salt content of the water is particularly high, drink salty taste in his mouth the last children always drink boiling in water, over a period of time which are all yes. scale, and easy to scald, seriously endangering the health of students of drinking water. [click for more]

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