Yin and yang water hazards maternal

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   has just given birth because the mother did not take long, the body is relatively weak, although drinking water yin and yang of the women have the effect of beauty, but women can not be blind to drink, let Xiaobian to introduce water yin and yang of mothers What are the dangers, right?




yin and yang of water on the body harmful? If the water quality at drinking fountains and clean, the yin and yang drink this water does not cause much problem, but also sometimes play a special function, such as detoxification, weight loss, but the yin and yang water is not suitable for women to drink, Lets look at what it yin and yang water hazards maternal?


best mothers with hot water, boiling water and let cool to cold water, hot water and then against, yard wash your face, brush your teeth, take a sponge bath with hot water is best not to use water yin and yang, to wait for a month it can be used after the yin and yang of water, but many women who are not do, is strictly general case the first one week to do so, in the hospital to prepare a few more large basin cool boiled water can be used at any time. Some wash sponge bath after discharge directly out of the hot water faucet, and pay more attention to the yard, after a lifetime good.


A lot of people in their daily lives are exposed to water yin and yang, such as a large part of our people are drinking fountains of water, when the fully automatic point hot water boiler water shortage, it will automatically add water. At this point, if people do not pay attention to the ground water or other emergency drinking, electric water boiler water would flow of yin and yang.


If the water is not treated, out of the water straight from the tap and water are mixed, then this yin and yang of water to drink after a great harm to our bodies, no bacteria contained in the water is disinfected very much, but also make our stomach does not function properly, the worst case can cause cholera.


Xiao Bian remind you to drink bottled water in general, those treated, clean water directly to drink boiled water and mix into the water yin and yang, there is no proof of harmful drinking. But got to ensure clean drinking fountains, to regularly clean drinking fountains, as well as find some of the bottled water business trust.


household drinking water Tips: Many mothers believe that the babys digestive system are not yet fully developed perfect, bacterial resistance to the outside is not enough. We will not choose powdered milk for the children to use the "yin and yang of water" will cause the child diarrhea, bad stomach. Dr Chan expressed "yin and yangWater "for children powdered milk will not cause any impact on the children." Children are hungry, use hot water or the water too cold for the children powdered milk is not good, the children hungry, etc. not, with the Western view boiling water and cool white open red milk mix to fill the urgent needs of the child, but rather a humane performance.




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