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   water purification industry because of its "big market, small industry" features, has experienced nearly three decades of development, there is still decentralized management, brand concentration is not high, over-reliance on traditional channels such phenomena in the last two under the control room and the fierce market competition policy, water purifier brand retail channel received its death blow, many realized that a single water purifier brand retail channel caused by flawed.

   With the development of information technology and changes in consumer demand, a large number of water purifier business for their own development seeking to expand their marketing channels. Obviously, water purifier enterprises in the development process, channel construction contributed. However, expansion of the water purifier channels requires a lot of conditions, and therefore, how to target these companies get directions to operate successfully become a priority.


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water purifier companies over-reliance on traditional channels carefully into a "flawed"


   this is easier said than done, there are a few companies can really do for the sake of consumers? many water purifier companies always say how good their products are, we can provide customers with what, but rarely think of the essence resistance can be doing, this is what can bring to the customer the most important customers. To solve these problems in order to make the likelihood of success improve water purifier channel operation.

   to determine the target consumer groups

   An important factor has been the marketing channels to consider, choose what kind of "people" as the group market, which is a high science. Looking to find markets, including the market channels, water purifier business at what time for what kind of the way they operate, what kind of resources can be integrated, these are very important for channel expansion direction.

   investment and marketing both

   successful water purifier channel Join us are directly related to the business model, whether national or regional investment investment, not just accept initial fee income, engage in after the opening ceremony and leave out any franchisee to fend for themselves "inaction marketing." But then the dual advantage of a combination of a series of templates, training and support urgent implementation of all aspects, and one of the key criteria At present, many companies are guilty of marketing myopia disease, everyone knows, it is the strength of brand marketing force investment capacity and marketing capabilities .

   seek to promote win-win cooperation

   If the water purifier business independent of the industry, less cooperation is very difficult to survive. Not just across the companys cooperation, and cooperation with the outside world are equally important. Word of mouth, blog, forum advertising, etc. Cooperative Extension one less. Cooperation with other related web sites as well as traditional business partners is very important. Only the successful operation of the site itself under the premise of increasing the opportunities for information cooperation will greatly increase, operators do is to take into account every detail, can not let go.

   Direct mode and innovation

   water purifier channel investment is the primary means to enhance the market share of the cost burden and solve the manufacturers. As one of the core businesses of the total annual marketing plan, companies should make it independent, to form part of an independent financial accounting, cost of inputs for channel construction, and businesses also should be a show of strength, brand support and profit model as the core investment rules . Marketing model change, the entire water purification industry are exploring new marketing model, the establishment of a new direct channel.

   Thus, both from consumers, dealers, or to their own building, and both are water purifiers channel expansion focus. Water purifier enterprises must seize these points to hit a home water purifier in channel expansion, the center channel Watch, avoid risks and maximize benefits.

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