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   "Legal Daily" correspondent learned today from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a special "informed on the progress of drinking water sources environmental law enforcement special operations Yangtze River economic belt" (hereinafter referred to as "Bulletin"). "Informed" sources, as of now, there are around 107 environmental violations unfinished remediation clean, distributed in 10 provinces, 40 cities (prefectures, districts). (Legal Daily, July 10)

   there is such an inspirational speech he said: own a little hard, a little closer away from the success. To borrow the Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued a special "informed on the progress of drinking water sources environmental law enforcement special operations Yangtze River economic belt" point of view, I want to say, to the people a little better, a little away from the heart of the people nearby. Since the review of events since the beginning of May 2016, in the Yangtze River economic belt 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to organize drinking water sources environmental law enforcement special operations, made it clear that the completion of prefecture-level city centralized drinking water sources by the end of 2017 environmental law issues in protected areas remediation clean-up tasks. However, currently there are 40 cities (district) has not yet completed remediation issues, there are 13 questions not yet started the rectification work. Indeed, from a certain distance specified period of time without premature conclusion, but, there are sources of drinking water regulation can not be "unyielding."

   Water is not only the source of life, but also to the production, ecological base, development of the country. As the saying goes, people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi. Undoubtedly, warm and cold water of a taste test shows that the safety of drinking water may not necessarily be able to "knowing." Especially drinking water sources, including the public service of urban residents and water. Such as government agencies, enterprises and institutions, hospitals, schools, catering, tourism and other water, it covers rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater. Visible, drinking water regulation does not allow false. To this end, to take on the "bones" government official "hard stubble" location of the meeting, and asked the 40 people responsible for meeting the city government wants to explain the cause of the problem remediation and problems unfinished, set a schedule to ensure completion task. Indeed commendable.

   In fact, many of them for the protection of water sources of various laws and regulations. Such as "Water Pollution Prevention Law" and "Water Law" stipulates that sewage outlets in the drinking water source protection areas, local peoples governments above the county level shall be ordered to dismantle, at 500,000 yuan fine of 100,000 yuan; overdue demolition, forced removal, the costs borne by the offender, at 50Yuan more than 1 million yuan fine, and may be ordered to suspend production for rectification. In addition, the violation of the provisions sewage outlets or kangaroo underground pipe shall be ordered by the local peoples governments above the county level environmental protection departments dismantle, 20,000 yuan more than 10 million fine ...... and so on so. Undeniably, for the improvement of drinking water does have some "hiding something", because many pollution risks related to the financial lifeblood of the local, the real thing requires extraordinary courage, to overcome various constraints factors. This is the "bones" reason for being.


   An nest eggs will survive. People can not get water. Protect the safety of drinking water, but also the people a clear spring, not just the needs of ordinary people. Just think, if even the most simple of drinking water sources are not protected and can be expected to have anything more to serve the people? In view of this, said 1000 10000, drinking water regulation, needs more vigorous and resolute action. Local managers have to change the concept of development, promote economic restructuring and development patterns; overall a good place to get water resources and the combination of economic and social development, protection and optimization; have to adjust the proportion of heavy industry and industrial distribution; have to properly carry out their public duties product quality watchdog, good management and supervision of drinking water, the timely release of information; have to increase the punishment, detailed reform proposals and regular public drinking water quality monitoring, to accept public supervision, perhaps "unyielding" it will not be hard.

   Rome was cold day. Drinking water regulation, though not overnight, but as long as our local managers to fully understand the importance of drinking water remediation, urgent, arduous; clearly define the responsibilities related to border; can identify the crux, targeted; can increase illegal low cost; increased publicity so that everyone can start from little things of life, take good care of every drop of water from the start. Also all the people will be able to a puddle of clear water, clear spring.

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