Three benefits of installing a water purifier

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瀹夎鍑€姘村櫒鐨勪笁澶уソ澶? /></p><p>   in economic development, industrial progress, human beings continue to waste water or sewage containing heavy metals discharged into the river. Water, reeking stench; water, adding a lot of bleach; bottled water, dates are fictitious, sinister barrel are coming out ...... In this context, water purification industry usher a flourish. </p><p>   first: solve the secondary pollution of water </p><p>   daily life, most people think of boiling water can kill all the bacteria, so drinking water is very safe, in fact, this is a mistaken view.

   Therefore, people used to boil water for drinking, but this does not completely eliminate these harmful substances. Instead likely to do the "bad things" to increase the concentration of harmful substances, and the water boiled, not softened water hardness, very easy to form a large scale, reducing the oxygen content is not conducive to human metabolism.

   Article II: Bottled water is the best choice for an alternative

   can not drink tap water, bottled water, bottled water, drink it in fact most of them with a large water filter or water? machining tap water, there is little available natural well water; simultaneously bottled water storage time is short, perishable, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, the air pollutants are therefore not ideal drinking solution Program.

   Article III:?! Drink reached the standard, low cost

   Having said that, a lot of people will ask, so high-end and healthy water is very expensive now it is not to make a For example: a bucket of high-quality bottled water price of around $ 15, while one-thirtieth of bottled water water purification system may be less than 5 cents a bucket of water, that cooking vegetables - stop drinking. Of course there are cheaper bottled water, there are also cheaper 5 dollars a barrel, but so cheap bottled water you Ganhe it?

   According to incomplete statistics, a water purifier cartridge year you can intercept: rust about 3600 mg, about 98,000 mg of organic matter, about 500 mg of sediment impurities, about 4 mg of lead and the like. These organic compounds and heavy metal ions in drinking within a year into the body, and then gradually accumulate each year, it is conceivable to the human bodyThere will be much harm. So invest 5 cents a day, to install a water filter, either to drink, taste good, but can escort to escort the familys health! Why not?

   is easy to see, relatively in boiling water and bottled drinking water these types of ways, the benefits of using water purifiers are many. Can be expected, water purifier will lead a new round of home decoration fashion trends, and become the mainstream trend family drinking water.

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