No-name ceramic mug poisonous it will

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   There are a lot of no-name ceramic cup, not a serious business production, then no-name ceramic mug will be poisonous?



   ceramic cup price

the market is good and bad, the price ranged from a few to a few hundred, but there are a lot of no-name ceramic mug flow into the market, especially in Some morning market and street stalls, would have to sell ceramic cup.


motley crew of toxic ceramic cup will do


inferior brand of ceramic cup quality standards because the body will cause some harm.


ceramic cup will not release toxic substances, regardless of the damage. If the quality of clay and glaze are in line with national standards, it will not release toxic substances. Conversely, if substandard raw materials, even a cup of good will hurt. Therefore, the purchase of ceramic products, be sure to buy the official manufacturers of the products. Those colorful things on the stall is best not to use.


Now we will generally choose where ceramic cups of it? Jingdezhen Ceramic cup is certainly bear the brunt of the reason is very simple because good here ceramic cup produced quality, and soil here is most natural to the body certainly will not be affected, many of our friends use Jingdezhen ceramic cup is assured.


So do not buy ceramic cup because cheap enough to buy these no-name ceramic cup, there is also a lot of harm, then what kind of cup to drink the safest? Generally good quality solid color ceramic cups are using , we should always pay attention, learn the knowledge of small household drinking water.




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