Water purifier large development potential of its favorable

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   First, Chinas economic development, industrial development, life improved, but further deterioration of water quality: urban water emergencies continue to emerge, the frequent occurrence of water pollution crisis, which is to promote the development of water purification industry a good opportunity, water purification is to get a greater degree of convergence overall sales growth.

   Second, improve human health and drinking awareness, insight into the impact of water pollution on human health, good drinking water, have important health knowledge.

   Third, the water pollution of public information and reporting, pollution known to the public, especially the water came to light non-compliance, bottled water unqualified, make people aware of the deep insecurity of ordinary water, Shi Han agreed with household water purifiers effectively solve the water problem of family health.



   Fourth, improved living standards, more and more attention to water quality knowledge, water purifier market contains a wealth of market opportunities, China next 10 years, hundreds of billions of net reserves water needs of the market.

   Fifth, the domestic market demand increases, domestic water purifier market began to mature slowly, water purifiers top ten brands Shi Han, the United States and other well-known brands, has become a water purifier manufacturers export growth.

   VI, increase production and reduce production costs. Old 100 affordable wedding, home water purifier sales price is the inevitable result of market competition and increased sales, as well as water purifier market a sign of maturity.

   Seven new national drinking water standards will be improved in some areas water quality not up to the new standards. Part of the pool water is not cleared up, the water pipeline rust left unattended, can lead to water non-compliance.

   Eight, water purifier manufacturers to favorable product specification, market planning in place, the water purifier market gradually standardized.

   Nine, in units, offices, homes POU consumption is the peoples pursuit of fashion home, mainly consumption of bottled water is delivered to your door, some businesses began to enter into the production and marketing of water purifier, slowly replaced the bottled water market share.

   ten, and vigorously support the national policy of environmental protection energy-saving industry, water purifier as emerging environmental industry more and more attention.

   current water purifier market mix, and more shoddy products, the people who want to see the market, understand the products to enhance the knowledge of healthy drinking water, drinking water quality protection of the family.

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