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   filter kettle has become essential in every home water purification equipment, but due to the filter kettle too many brands allow consumers to choose the time of purchase is verified, the following small series to tell you about what makes a good home filter kettle right?




our home must be purchased filtered water bottle it? In fact, drinking water safety has been of concern in the lives of consumers, but beyond the reach of ordinary people on the water quality of public water pipes, to drink safe water to drink to avoid tap water scale, impurities, buy filter kettle to solve the scale problem is very necessary, and filter kettle has a small, beautiful, portable, etc., then the household filter kettle which brand is good?


The following Xiaobian to introduce a few good filter kettle Brand:


1, Bi Zander filter kettle:


the worlds leading brand of drinking water optimization, in in many countries it has become synonymous with the filter kettle. Since 1966, Pitt Zander Groups first invention household filter kettle, the German family business of business is now more than 60 countries across five continents.


2, Patio filter kettle:


Patio Group is a professional water purification equipment, drinking water equipment, industrial water treatment complete sets of equipment, water treatment national high-tech film series of environmentally friendly products enterprises, the national innovation pilot enterprises and national IPR demonstration enterprises, water purifiers.


3, Philips filter kettle:


Philips filter kettle coconut shell activated carbon particles, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon rod core technologies, strong filtering effect, the filter can be efficiently rust, sediment , bacteria, macromolecules, chlorine and other harmful substances, reducing potentially carcinogenic chemicals, while retaining the trace elements and minerals needed by the body.


4, Leica filter kettle:


Leica filter kettle is the star product, technically, Lycra advanced filter technology, percolator structure with a variety of electronic filter replacement reminder, ten Over the years a total of more than 100 patents, can be removed calcareous water, that is the scale and heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, organic pollutants, allowing water to taste and purity significantly improved and healthier.


The brand filter kettle price:


1, BRITA Pitt then Germany and Germany imported household water purifier filter kettle kettle net Marella3.5L 299 yuan


2, Patio net household kettle water purifier filter kettle JB-3.0 -702M water purification filter cup with an ultrafiltration counter 199 yuan


3, Philips WP2805 net kettle water purifier filter drink straight home kitchen clean filter kettle cup 185 yuan


4, laica Lycra net kettle portable water purifier home water filter cup filter kettle JA06H 249 yuan


household drinking water Tips: filter kettle is a home drinking water filtration equipment, economic conditions can not be installed for short stays or family be drinking water purification. Net principle kettle is filtered through a filter built particulate impurities in the water, plankton, smell, taste, and improve water quality, are generally built using activated carbon adsorption filter, an ion exchange be detached impurities in the water, water softening, so that the water quality healthier.




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