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   in the workplace, communication is very important. This truth into which the industry is the truth. For water purifier salesperson, not just talk "communication" as simple as a salesman different from the one of the important features is that people in other occupations - talking. Talking it means to speak logically, the following are several methods of training eloquence, we usually can engage in active practice.

   1, abstract thinking culture

   logic generally be understood as an abstract summary of concrete things law, human brain evolved logic function, a dominant theories hominids hunt prey during the We need to prey footprint, various environmental laws and habits analysis of the location of prey.

   Thus stronger logic, abstract thinking will strong. Macro, there are a lot of people express the logic and level of education. Higher level of education, access to knowledge tends to be more abstract, the stronger the ability to grasp complex concepts and logic, logical expression of talk will be stronger.

   2, to read, especially the slow reading

   at a fixed level of education factors, the relatively higher own learning and abstract knowledge it is also an important way to enhance absorption. For example, compared to reading novels and read philosophical works, the novel does not require abstract thinking, the picture is more cultured and emotional imagination, and philosophical works requires you to use abstract thinking. Although it is not so fun, but it is necessary to enhance the way.

   encountered more abstract thinking book, be sure to read slowly, intensive reading, even from time to time review has read chapters to refresh their understanding. Logical reading, is capable of while reading, while sorting out the broad framework of the meaning of the expression in the brain out. If you read a chapter a forgotten chapter, and finally enhance the ability of logic will be limited. If you can read the turn in even forgotten the details of expression, according to their own understanding of the logic of the core meaning set forth clear, your workout will in place.

   3, writing


   who is also a process of training needs. In the case of limited ability to express yourself, thinking is not clear enough, you can start the beginning of written expression. Written expression can give you enough time to think, let your words carefully pondering and logical rigor. You may have written expression of the purpose of writing, such as reading a review class notes, orAnalysis of the problem, it can be a general summary of his own life experience and knowledge of.

   Such a process not only allows you to write something greatly enhance the quality, but also help you cultivate intimate familiarity with logical thinking ability, and found themselves on common logic problems and errors, and thus enhance the sound.

   4. The debate

   advanced lifting mode, if qualified, may try to participate in the debate competition. My experience this is a great way to logical expression of logical thinking and exercise, while pre-race preparation work is a sort of our own logic and language of the organization, on the other hand spot time pressure can also increase your response rate and confidence.

   If there is no opportunity to debate the activities, you can also try to take advantage of online forums and other interactive platforms and others to debate, but please remember to be polite, respect and reason.

   5, talk less and listen more

   speak logical person, not necessarily have to have a lot of reaction time, then quickly. Speak logical and speed of response are not necessarily linked, so if you are a response speed is not too fast man, and do not therefore feel that they would not be able to express logical.

   Im a reaction and logical thinking is not a particularly good people, in order to avoid their own expression is wrong, I tend to listen to each others views and expression when dealing with people, develop their own while listening ability to think side, the other side the opinions expressed complete confidence again when I respond.

   In addition a good listener, but also allows you to have many opportunities to observe the logic of the speech of others, and to try to imitate. Listen and in my heart silently out the main meaning of the expression of each other, arranged in the order, even after the presentation can try to complete the summary statement hear things out.

   6, broaden the breadth of concern

   speak of a lack of logic, often very narrow focus. Listen to some words, read an article, often only noticed one word, one word, and just pull the dead these details in response time. Talk to have logic, you need to learn to broaden their attention span, in time and logic dimensions can focus on a wide range of content before and after all, not just at this moment to hear the content.

   For example, a person is and you tell a colleague of his unit,They are mainly for the description you hear my colleagues, such as the moment you hear comments that this relatively narrow-minded colleagues, not very open-minded. At this point you only need to focus on this description, also need to look at the past few years, in addition to what are described appear narrow-minded, what association between them is, and what the next description may appear, this is the time dimension broadening.

   At the same time you can also narrow-minded to focus on whether this description is an accurate description of the man with the narrow-minded if the word is his true meaning, if there are other motives, what this description may bring to their relationship kind of impact, etc., which is to broaden the logical dimension.

   7, the pursuit of multi-angle thinking

   to any of these questions, do not settle for a single explanation. For example, I learned the discipline of psychology, there is development, metamorphosis, a lot of research social, personality, behavioral, cognitive, biological, perception, nerve, so any single issue, you can find a lot of different interpretations angle.

   If you can develop the habit, to observe and analyze things also can use at least two or more perspective, and be able to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of different angles, then you will be able to better understanding of the multifaceted nature of things, the essence of the worlds diversity, can be avoided because a single logical to bring their own bias and limitations.

   8, practice practice and more practice

   No one is born good at logical expression. Doing a good job, looking mainly experience. Few people even speak of a very logical, it may not be able to express very clearly. Often speak of a person, even if no logic, also sounded relatively smooth fluent.

   good at communicating with people, the accumulation of language, that the saying, ask the ask, and create opportunities to express themselves, adapted to the expression time of stress and anxiety, learn to relax confidently speak in front of everybody, logical thinking can be well demonstrated.

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