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  Water purification knowledge into teaching students, about how much health you understand? Time: 2018-12-04 17:26:08

Earlier, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau considered and adopted the "Healthy China 2030" program, the meeting pointed out that to promote the health of Chinese construction, to adhere to prevention, promoting health civilization way of life, and create a green and safe and healthy environment, reduce disease.


to implement a healthy lifestyle: first of all to pay attention to healthy drinking water!




the current status of the national water:




1, groundwater widespread pollution




2, purify aging process (residual harmful components)




3, water hazards secondary (multiple secondary pollution)



to boil water nothing yet? Do not. Currently many kinds of new cases due to water pollution caused by more and more, drinking water pollution has become a major environmental problem.



junior high school textbooks Yiba install water purifiers, included in the field of education! For details, see Hunan Education Publishing House - "ecological civilization" ninth-grade textbook! Water pollution is a hard fact, Hekou clean and safe water is a rigid demand! Water purifier every family is the trend!



domestic water tap is vulnerable to contamination during transportation and storage process, facing a great risk of contamination, each family needs a depth of their own net water equipment to escort water quality and safety, and health. Understand the principles of water purification, water purification universal knowledge, so that every family to drink healthy water, the state has started from the doll.


you are still hesitant to do? Health not to see you have no money, but to see you have ideas! Health can not wait, house tens of millions, less than one square meter of water purifier money, and benefit the whole family! Immediately call 400-800-0725 understanding Bailey water purifier!


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