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   In todays materialistic, many companies are hard to resist unhealthy temptations of society, or even abandon its own operating principles, the profit as the main purpose of business development. Water purifier enterprises must learn to resist.

   water purifier is related to the health of their families, to give myself to eat a "reassurance" have a certain economic strength of a second-tier consumers will choose a higher profile brand, which makes it difficult to convince the public of small and medium purifier companies can not survive. The so-called "do not stay here Lord, own to stay at the Lord", small and medium enterprises as long as identify their own water purifier market position, but also a vision of the exhibition.

   a bad temptations: plagiarism

   Solutions: differences in management

   enterprises to be different, to have innovation, requires companies to have a personalized, differentiated performance can on the corporate marketing model innovation, to select a new model to win the attention of businesses and consumers, so that the water purifier business in order to continue developing in the market. For the consumer, water purifier enterprises to ensure product safety, quality and reliability, in order to continue to develop.

   bad Temptation II: pit father Services

   Solutions: Enhancing service upgrade

   for the water purification industry, the companys after-sales service is also problematic. Water purification products like fast moving consumer goods like clothing, can quickly expose issues that often take longer to reflect the quality of its pros and cons. But the warranty period water purification products are relatively short-lived, like most appliances are usually only one or two years of the warranty period, exceeding the time limit if you want to pay for the repairs must own. But now, water purification products, service does not have the continuity of time, so a lot of problems. Therefore, the need for water purifier business service concept and a comprehensive system upgrade.

   take the road of "encircling the cities" of the

   has been the major mainstream brands are the secondary market as the arena, across the country the right to speak has been concentrated in a few dozen brands hands, small brands to compete directly with them is very difficult. Small brands should consider marketing focus to three or four markets and rural markets.

   to learn more about the rural consumer demand

   At present purposes the rural market consumption of water purifiers and urban consumption Obviously there is a huge gap. Rural consumption of water purification projectsApparently more for the production and management, rather than simple enjoyment of life. Small series that combine rural environment and water purifiers use features, developed to meet the special needs of rural water purifier, SMEs must also pay attention to.

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