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   In competition in the market environment, the major water purifier brand manufacturers have started to play war, is a major brand marketing communications, brand image deeply engraved into the minds of consumers. The number of water purifier brand rapidly expands to five thousand, we must grasp the details of brand communications, except in the details with other prominent water purifier. Today small details of brand communications from four - brand name, visual elements, sound elements, abstract elements to talk to you about water purifier brand communication.

   First, the brand name

   Socrates once said: "Put your good name is seen as the most valuable asset you can have --- because its value is like a pot of fire once you lit it, you can easily maintain it ...... "this sentence gave away the significance of the name brand. The core elements of the brand name is a symbol of the group, it is also the first consumer reaction to the brand image, but also the starting point and ultimate goal of brand communication content.

   a well-known brand building, must go through a long, scientific brand communication process. In the brand communication process, the brand name is always the first element content. Because of the extreme importance of the brand name, it is to be applied in a variety of forms and approaches, such as visual or auditory form of presentation, and appear in advertising, public relations, packaging, DM, experiences, events, implants and other means of dissemination.




The main purifier brand communication settled - brand four elements

   Second, the visual element

   from in a sense, "the brand communication flow is visual symbols, and personalized visual symbols is the first condition of this brand different from each other brand." The first is the spread of brand communication brand personality of visual symbols.

   1, brand graphics

   In many of the elements of the brand, in addition to the name, the graphics are best embodies the uniqueness of the brand is also the most legal protection, the most importance to brand owners part. Brand graphics including logo, symbols, spokesperson (real people and virtual characters), products (packaging), employees and so on.

   is the brand logo of the facade, the visual image of the brand is the most important part. Specifically, the brand logo has image recognition, credit guarantee, communication, legal protection, cultural expressions andLandscaping and other features.

   Brand Ambassador, speaking on behalf of the brand means, spread the brand of personal information, animal or virtual object, it is the brand owner to hire or shape, allowing people to think through its image, personality, character, and produce good impression of the character of a certain brand. Brand Ambassador in brand awareness, increase sales, a brand personality, to promote brand identity, brand value accumulation and other aspects significant role, is one of the important elements of brand communication.

   as an element of brand communication staff including the general staff, managers and senior leaders. They can either become the content of brand communication, brand communication can also be a carrier of. As an element of employees spread mainly the use of its image. The image is most commonly used brands such as brand communication is the founder, president, or so-called "brand leader", that is, the brand masterminds. They are often portrayed as the brands "voice" and symbols, and even the epitome of brand culture, which itself has spread resources will be widely used in advertising, public relations, events, interpersonal and other brand communication activities, such as Vanke Wang Shi Geely Li Shufu, Microsofts Bill Gates, Apples Steve Jobs, Richard Branson of Virgin, etc., these are typical.

   2, brand font

   including the trademark brand font standard font standard font and company names and brand slogan writing font, we can be understood as a special brand of graphics. Brand font is also important consumers to identify the different brands of visual symbols. For example, "Jianlibao" these three words writing, Emotion strong, extremely visibility.

   3, brand colors

   "Color is the idea." Words used in the brand is very appropriate. Corporate brand standard color is selected corporate philosophy reflects on the external color, but also outside of corporate personality in color. Red Coca-Cola, Kodak golden, almost as a spiritual characterization of these well-known brands. Proprietary standard color with a strong visual recognition, such as Chinas four state-owned banks, people can sign on the facade decoration color easily distinguish them out.

   proprietary standard color also can accurately convey the brands rich content and personalized character. Coca-Cola filled with a passion for life, pay attention to the delight of life Kodak, Haier focus on life science and technology, all its distinctiveGet accurate reflect the brand standard color in place.

   4, packaging

   packaging has an important value in brand communication and packaging commodities. Protective packaging goods, to facilitate the circulation, convenient consumption, promote sales (known as "the most persuasive salesman"), increase the value of goods and promote the realization of the value of using other functions. We can say that packaging is the epitome of the brand.

   to reflect the beautiful packaging products of good quality and content, often at the same time it has a powerful promotional force in the minds of consumers establish a clear brand image. Not only does it make the product have an effect prestigious, but also a belief in the brand to penetrate the mind of consumers; it not only can fully display the charm of external merchandise to induce consumers desire to buy, but also reflect the brands personality, display the brand image, the interpretation of the connotation of the brand.

   Third, the auditory elements

   auditory elements is not the only means of disseminating information broadcast advertising, image building, and it is an indispensable element image advertising. Auditory elements including the human voice, music and sound. Specifically, including advertisement, background music, jingles, narration, sound effects and dubbing specially designed, short notes and so on. Auditory elements in brand communication is mainly used in advertising and sales channels and other places. In an audio-visual-based radio advertising, television advertising, the sound is almost the core elements of information transfer. Using auditory elements of many shopping malls, stores and other shopping, music, etc., have become an important means of brand experience and even spread an important part of the brand image.

   auditory elements, especially music, visual contact with a breakthrough, brand recall, set off waves of emotion and sung the role of the special moment and so on. With the "Music Marketing" is increasingly popular, the increase in the application of sound elements to strategic brand communication has become a trend, many companies such as Nokia, have begun to apply "sound mark" in some countries.

   "stationary, personalized auditory symbol has become an important element of the brand." 鈶?Many television stations have adopted such policies to shape the image of the program, as CCTVs "News Network" and so on.

   Fourth, abstract elements

   of the above elements may be substantially directly perceived by the senses, there is an avatar characteristics. But in brand communication, there are some elements that need to digAnd refining. Because if limited to some combination of visual symbols, the brand will become a superficial symbol shriveled. Brand is rich in content, the fundamental difference is that it is not just a simple symbol can producers, and has clearly defined core values, rich cultural connotation and unique narrative methods.

   1, clear core values 鈥嬧€?/p>

   The so-called core values, is a brand that has a total commitment to the values 鈥嬧€媋nd distinct interests. It is the fundamental significance of the existence of the brand, a brand of soul. IBM is known as brand, not only because it has apparently never able to identify the I, B, M three letters, more importantly, because it provides a "way to solve within the four seas" for the people; and like Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, though its advertising overwhelming, but the brands core values 鈥嬧€媔n the end what is, people are not very clear.

   2, profound cultural connotation

   who called brand or well-known brands, all with a wealth of business or culture or national or ethnic factors. McDonald said: "We are not catering industry, we are the entertainment industry." Indeed, McDonalds available to consumers, not only is a favorite snack food, it is a clean, hygienic, efficient and standardized features such posed by modern food culture . So much the brand is a marketing tool, rather it is a cultural phenomenon. Someone once said, if you want to understand American culture, just drink a bottle of "Coca-Cola", eat a "McDonalds", smoking a "Marlboro", wearing a "Levi" is enough, we can see well-known brands in the cultural connotation the power of.

   3, the unique narrative

   brand personality image is outside of the symbol has the connotation of the brand personified temperament. It is brand communication crucial elements. As personality is the difference between people of different image as an important symbol, character image is also the main reason for the difference between different brands. Angle stand in brand communication, brand image of the personality is usually determined by the brand communication in the narrative.

   4, the brand story

   brand story is regarded as brand communication tool. Brand is a vivid, personal experience of the consumer experience by word of mouth of a real live story or composition that behind every brand has a story to be tapped, just to see if you can dig and make it widely disseminated. In this regard, HaierHas done very successfully, smashing refrigerator incident is simply a continuous fermentation rely on word of mouth to todays classics; first and Construction Group chairman Wang Wenli is to improve quality, had personally directed to blow up a "bridge problem", although paid a huge price, but little known, much less for the brand image points.

   water purifier brand building and communication is an art, a simple list of registered trademarks is not simple, a name gets the job done. A brand should have souls, it is the embodiment of the whole enterprise culture, spirit, and the integration of development inside the enterprise. In the case of water purifier popularity has not been compliance, it will be more difficult in brand communications, corporate incidentally, to disseminate knowledge in the process of water purification spread the brands.

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