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   In recent years, with frequent domestic pollution problems, the demand for drinking water is also very healthy growth, so that the water purifier market ushered in the golden period of development. According to 2015 domestic appliance industry marketing report shows that last year the entire appliance industry growth rate of only 0.25%, but almost did not appear in this data growth, water purifier market with its growth rate of over 60% has become a become a whole new "suck clear point" home appliance industry. Insiders also pointed out that in the next five years, my countrys water purifier market will reach 300 billion or size.

   huge market potential, attracted hero parties have "compete." But on the occasion of the rapid development of the industry, it has exposed a growing number of "unspeakable pain." So, in the end our countrys water industry is facing what problem?

   1. There are no market potential embarrassment

   Although our water purifier market sales data shows the meteoric rise of the industry, but with compared with developed countries, Chinas water purifier market is still in its infancy, and this mainly lies in the initial stage of penetration has remained low. Data show that Europe and other developed countries purifier penetration rate of up to 80%, while the purifier penetration rate of only 5% -8%, while the family unit usage is less than 2%.

   said water is the source of life. Then the water purifier is undoubtedly a great project related to life, but Why would such a large gap between European and American countries? The industry had pointed out that Chinas water purification industry is currently in its infancy, huge market potential, enterprises have led to the influx, which also caused some problems, such as uneven product quality, brand-name trademarks and more, a large number of cottage full of water purifiers and shoddy products and so on.

   Indeed, attracting major companies have entered the water purifier market is necessarily broad prospects, but disorderly market, the industry was mixed, false advertising, the price artificially high exposure such as a series of drawbacks. Speak true, such a water purifier market, to have convincing enough to attract consumers do?

   2. The lack of brand awareness

   domestic water purifier market development started late, lack of uniform standards, products on the market varies greatly, and often take frequent speculation concepts, such as "ecological water", "activated water" and so on, will usually plagued consumer choice. But oftenConsumers in the choice of water purifier, the brand and the price is definitely the first place. And domestic refrigerators, air conditioners and other large appliances compared to our water purifier market is really the lack of brand awareness. Neither Kingdoms trend has not come out on top, low market concentration.

   in the next period of time, water purification appliance industry will remain as one of the remaining two cakes development, an annual increase of water purifier business also showed growth momentum. But only truly master the core technology, quality win benign market demand in order to stimulate further demand the release. We also look forward to the future of my countrys water purifier market will be similar to the "Gree air-conditioning", "Haier washing machine" and other people proud national brands.

   3. industry to "purify" the performance of difficult

   reported that Chinas water purifier after nearly 30 years of development, in the broad market prospects stimulation, in recent years, ushered in the development of "blowout." But in the existing production companies, independent research and development capabilities and core technology enterprises only about 5%, this figure is much lower than abroad.

   According to a water purification company official said that the current domestic large and small water purifier manufacturers over 4000, the annual output has reached 80 million units, annual sales of 30 million units there. However, behind this huge data, still can not cover up the water purification industry itself loopholes - domestic water purifier market, the lack of uniform standards. Take water purification effect consumers are most concerned about, in fact, there is no uniform national standards or industry, what kind of water purification effect is good? Sorry, currently there is no really qualitative. Some enterprises in the process of promotional products, saying achieve five filters, the net effect is comparable to pure filtered water, or even to have exaggerated the effect of health care ...... but there is no uniform "standards of purity", this effect can only be their own business to decide.

   director of a water purification products had publicly expressed the hope that the relevant state departments to develop over a unified industry standard, able to distinguish between good and bad, so that consumers buy products evidence-based, also accelerate the industrys own "purification."

   4. The service system regulation is not in place

   In fact, the penetration rate in the domestic water purifier market is also low and the market supervision system is not in place related to water purifiers unlike other home appliances products that can be one-time sales. Process users in the use of water purification productsThe need to replace the filter regularly, to avoid secondary pollution. But because the good and the bad of water purification products, some vendors is difficult to provide better services to the consumers themselves, which will undoubtedly become a major obstacle in the development of the water purifier market in my country. Industry sources have also revealed that "a lot of no-name companies simply sell products, regardless of the service, which also led to the water industrys credibility damaged."

   With increased consumer understanding of water purification products, in the future, the development of the water industry to be based on the demand toward more environmentally friendly, intelligent, long life, cost-oriented direction, provided quality products and services to market is the only way to win the quality of the water purifier market in China.

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