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  The world situation is changing, industry structure is changing. Like all Chinese manufacturing industry, 2016 water purifier market is undergoing a revolution, or upgrade, or suffer elimination, behind the change, what is the real core competitiveness of enterprises water purifier?

   to win to enjoy China 途 2016 China water purifier brand industrial ecology Conference and event awards ceremony came to an end at Beijings Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Forum links in industrial development, clean water source, Mr. Zheng Tailiang president invited to attend the forum to express their views on the opportunities and challenges China will face water purification industry transformation reform of, and the 2017 development of Chinas water industry is forecasted.


China Water Purifier Industry Forum

   China water purifier market is brewing a revolution

   Mr. Zhengda Liang said the Chinese water market after recent twelve decades of development in 2015 has been giants appear. Now, the market and consumers are in the pipeline change, are looking forward to change, but also is changing. This change is from within the core of the product membrane element assembly - the general mainstream product in mind. As we all know, the core of water purifiers is the film, the core of this film. On the one hand is the core of the film and change, on the other hand is the application of technological change product, such things, intelligence, how to be more user-friendly design. In this transformation, we can look forward to the future of this industry, whether freshmen who like clean water or clean water source such industry giants, can better water purification technology to millions of households better and safe water purification products .

   In the reverse osmosis water purification technology for the mainstream market, the sodium membrane technology turned out to be a major innovation in water purification technology market. This film is not only capable of removing the water inside the bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful substances, but also to retain some minerals. Technically sodium membrane, it can be said clean water source has certain advantages.

   Mr. Zheng Tailiang 纰ф按婧愭€昏閮戝ぇ浜?绾虫护鑶滄妧鏈紩棰嗕腑鍥藉噣姘磋繘鍏?.0鏃朵唬

Beijing Origin Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. President

   nanofiltration membrane technology, leading the Chinese water into the 4.0 era

   October 31, clean water source new conference held in Beijing, announced two sodium filtration import original core of the spring series at the press conference, opened a strong source of clean water to enter the Chinese household water purification industry prelude. Clean water source is the pride of Chinas national industry, but also one of the few in the world with a full range of several films, core,Including ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membranes and the like of various types of core production capacity of enterprises. This stems from the source of clean water 16 years ago to do the project, the need to buy a film with Japans Mitsubishi. Later, the clean water source, chairman resolutely toward self-developed road, until today, becoming the masters film core technology of full range. Now, the amount of water into the clean water source RBR has surpassed the United States GE, the country also has developed five major film production base, has become a pride of the Chinese water industry. Learn clean water source water purifier brand details, please click on 纰ф按婧? width=

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