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days of home water purifier as necessary commodity, to ensure peoples health and drinking water environment. But there is in the market primary filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, ultrafiltration, and other types of water purifiers, confused brand with so many types of complex consumer and daring, is your good choose, is still high filtering accuracy? Originally , choose water purifier is a luxurious, high hardness of the water in some places, some people want to drink ...... not the same as drinking water water quality, not the same day habit are appropriate resolution is not the same type of water purifier. About water purifier type selection, do a quality look, look at two needs, which is the top ten brands of water purifiers water purifier to buy know-how.


water purifier pick a look at water quality, which is considered from the point of view of geographical environment. Today, water pollution is serious way, but there are many pollution, heavy metal pollution, pesticides and fertilizers pollution, bacteria, virus contamination, etc., so long as the right type of water purifier talent to reach the best purification. Shimizu now have a significant effect on the ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis two kinds. Selection of the ultrafiltration membrane water purification and filtration precision reaches 0.01 microns, can effectively filter out sand, rust and other impurities, as well as bacteria, virus, filtration can be blocked, so that the crystal of the water becomes translucent. RO membranes and the use of reverse osmosis water purifier is effective to remove dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, even more completely by filtration, but also to ensure good taste of drinking water.


needs to look at two selected purifier, which is considered from the viewpoint of the user. Users spend philosophy is not the same, the family situation is different, will directly affect the users needs. Some want peace of mind save effort, you can use water dispensers, the device can drink water directly, very convenient; water hardness large, multi-scale, you can use soft water machine; multi-family, or corporate use, you can use the central water purifiers, water clean and convenient.


water purifier has not the same category distinction Purification of impurities, and the needs of each are not the same, and therefore refrain freely in the optional compliant type water purifier. There is no cure medicine, Marco Polo is not the same for domestic regional water quality is not the same developed the most appropriate water purifier for responsibility, as the world-famous water purifier brand, rooted in domestic water purifiers the mall more than ten yearsWe have always been committed to the promotion of skills and services, available water, central water purification, ultrafiltration water purifiers ...... a series of different types of goods, together to meet the diverse needs of users, but also to achieve the water purification Marco Polo is the worlds cutting-edge brand aspirations.


If you still have questions about choosing a water purifier, I recommend reading here [good] water purification effect which this article would have more choice after reading the information.

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