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  Seven water purifier consumer choice issue common publishing site: Published: 2018-12-07 Due to a wide range of water purification products, products of varying quality, buy a water purifier problems plaguing many consumers. Into a number of errors in the course of the purchase of the water purifier. In mid-2015 and 2018 nearly three years, Walter water purifiers top ten brands survey found that a common problem when consumers choose water purifier has the following seven aspects: Myth one: about 84% of consumers water purifier filter believe that most consumers think the better multi-stage filter will be more of a security, and in fact is accurate to speak should be more of a danger. Water purifier critical is the effect of the filter to see, there are many claims on the market: eight filter. Industry knows nothing more than the so-called eight PP cotton, activated carbon, and then PP cotton, activated carbon and then ...... repeated use, how effective, can be imagined. The most important are: water purifier filter must be replaced regularly, such as for a long time does not replace the filter, the filter contamination has become inevitable. Multi-stage filter, the filter is easy to bacterial contamination. In addition, to service more difficult, in the end how science which filter replacement after a period of time? Such as to replace all that consumers will agree? Therefore, the filter series is not possible, but for their own home area of 鈥嬧€媤ater quality and a reasonable selection of cleaning products is the most critical. Myth: 90% think that the higher the better water filtration accuracy of harmful bacteria such as: Escherichia coli, bacteria and the like cysts, their volume is generally 0.7 m or more, while the microorganisms and minerals beneficial to human body volume about 0.3 micron. How to choose the right precision water purifier, consumers should see more comparative, detailing various products, working principle is the need to learn more about. Generally, reverse osmosis water with RO PP cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, reverse osmosis RO membranes, post carbon filter station 5, which is seen on the appearance of the row circle 5 tube, ordinary filtration accuracy claimed more than 95%, can filter out many heavy metal ions. And ultrafiltration membrane pore water purifier using a reverse osmosis membrane is much larger than, and therefore lower precision filtration, metal ions powerless. However, experts suggest that you clean water Walter, if water pollution is serious, can be used in conjunction with the installation of a filter water purifier front-end device. Myth: that the life of the life of the water purifier water purifier as long as possible as long as possible, this is the wishful thinking of some manufacturers, in order to provide false information to guide consumers. Many manufacturers quick success and short-sighted, China announced its own water purifier can be used for many years, but refuses to talk about the issue replacement cartridge, do so in a short time is has improved the sales. But in the long run, is not a scientific method for unreasonable amounts to the golden eggs, to this end will ruin their posterior. Myth: that the imported products better than some domestic consumers believe that imported products must be better than homemade. But in fact, each country is not the same quality water purifier targeted are not the same. Better water quality in developed countries, to drink, so the imported water purifier purification process is relatively simple, generally "pre-filter + activated carbon." However, my countrys water is quite complex, by a single purification water purification process can not complete. The combination of home water purifier filter is more suitable for Chinas water quality. Myth: that the more expensive the better the price this is a typical purchase errors, too many consumers feel more esoteric and technical trouble, I thought: Im not cheap, I am willing to pay for the health, I chose the most expensive total right it. for many businesses is the point, with some of the new technology as a selling point, the price doubled a few more fighting. If you see the price of a product is much higher than similar products, and that in the end you get a closer look at where we are. General water purifier price between 1000-5000, can not be too cheap to buy, too expensive have to wait and see. Myth: I think only fly stainless steel housing stainless steel products, the quality must be better? Cooked I do not know, stainless steel just the product itself, "while" most of the manufacturers are using stainless steel shell using 301, 302 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, very few, let alone the 306; which is usually everyone understand the appearance of the product, but the fact is the industrys inherent part of water purification products are actually plastic filter. Seven Mistakes: that the water purifier can drink pure water, a lot of people think you can just use a water filter all the impurities in the water, microorganisms, chemical substances, to achieve "pure water" effect. But they ignored the premise is to use a water filter raw water needs to "tap the municipal government" is once again on the basis of deep purification of municipal tap water on. Therefore, not all of the water through the purifierTo achieve straight drink requirements.

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