Water supply network during storage and causeecondary pollut

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our existing water supply system, water supply network obsolete, aging pipe network leakage is serious. When the operating pressure and to reduce maintenance without water, polluted water to penetrate the outer pipe network. Pipe type drab, poor quality, basic cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe, pollution due to chemical corrosion. When worsening of water, more powerless. For example, there is 3000KM above water mains within the city limits of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, if all updates to the water supply network, not hundreds of billions of investment can not be solved, according to the Guangzhou municipal investment capacity is currently impossible in in the near future for urban water supply system overhaul update addresses the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water process. Municipal water system in our country generally lagged behind the pace of urban development, water supply network obsolete water supply network material slow to update. Because not enough water to go through the water tower or water tank facility to the user, need to set up high-rise building secondary water supply equipment to cope with the municipal water supply to solve peaking, pressure and other issues, very much secondary pollutants in the secondary supply process, such as rust , dirt, dust, animal or dead insects, bacteria and algae, and many other toxic and hazardous substances. According to the Guangdong city secondary water supply 1990-- 1998 Monitoring Program lowest pass rate is chlorine, followed by PH, total bacteria, total coliforms. Turbidity, PH, total bacteria, total coliform, chlorine pass rate was respectively 98.8%, 94.7%, 95.1%, 95.0%, 70.0%. The main problem is the visible matter and bloodworm, which is water quality and secondary water supply facilities, and when the water quality and increase the organic matter content of the air temperature, often resulting in red worms thrive. Household water purification equipment, net - professional household water purifiers, water softeners shopping guide platform, bringing together a network of well-known brand of water purifier, water softener, salt-free water softener machine for you and your family health escort! Read more exciting recommendation: "Expert" cheat sell water purifiers which claims to cure: http: //www.jyjssbw.com/ preservation methods of p = 509 ion resin exchange:? Http: //www.jyjssbw.com/ ? p = 381

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