Yunnan to invest 350 million yuato complete the constructioo

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  Yunnan to invest 350 million yuan to complete the construction of water network: Tim net water purification Views: 500 Published: 2016-8-30 10:35:12 household water purifier Tim net water purification It is understood that Yunnan province in the construction of large medium-sized and key small water projects amounted to 266, the year is expected to complete the investment of 3.5 billion yuan. Yunnan Provincial Department of Water Resources Deputy Director Chen said in 2020, Yunnan Province plans to invest 200 billion yuan, and strive to start more than 200 water projects focus on the implementation of 15 large and medium hydropower utilization of water resources, a number of rivers, lakes and river systems communication engineering and poverty Reduction irrigation projects in western Yunnan border mountains. By 2030, Yunnan plans to invest 30 billion yuan, continue to carry out water network construction, water diversion project and realize Yunnan to play a benefit supporting the project is completed, the basic completion of water supply safety net. This year, Yunnan Province, has started 29 new key water projects, for the calendar year of the same period the number of new projects the most. Yunnan in 2015 completed a total water network construction investment 34.1 billion yuan, annual new supply capacity of nearly 400 million cubic meters.

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