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As the water has begun to spread up the home improvement home decoration, home water purifier has become the product of choice, huge market potential of a sudden show up, and also attracted some unscrupulous elements became active in the family water purification market, according to the master of a decoration company hydropower words, deep water purifier market, there are many pitfalls, to really understand the consumer, it might have to have a certain understanding of the water purification industry from the real truth identify good and bad products. According to the author in the market survey found that consumers often encounter the following three types of traps.


The first brand of water purifier traps: the product of the same name, different manufacturers


case: after friends "youth fashion" in the online purchase net of the spring water purifier, could have been happily home improvement carried water to the home, but bought the machine, installed after the results of the filtered water is not obvious, impurities in the water can be visible to the naked eye, how is this going? User "youth fashion" immediately call the Fountain of net official sales customer hotline, the results of a query This product does not belong to the net of the spring in Shenzhen manufacturers of products, net of the spring water purifier because each product has its own anti-counterfeit labels, security code has its own record, and the security code on the "youth fashion" the users in their online purchase of "net of the spring" brand products in the company could not find in the record. For in this case, I also visited a number of water purifier manufacturers, found that they have encountered a similar situation, some of the water purifier manufacturers in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers have expressed about their products online shopping in their own official website the statement shows that water purification products for online shopping specified by the manufacturer have to go online shopping platform, or consult the manufacturer to confirm whether or not the online shopping platform is a factory authorized. The authors concluded: e-commerce really give our lives a lot of convenience, but because the market was mixed, the consumer is still a difficult time to identify the authenticity of the product.


The second class water purifier price trap: to deceive consumers with cheap or shoddy products


Case: Miss Zhu renovation began in April of this year, taking into account the familys children are in the formative years, when combined with water pollution incidents have occurred, the family decided to install a water filter at the door to enter the building materials market, just good to see a water purifier brand being a big promotion, price is the price Miss Zhu know of similar products less than half, Miss Zhu was on the heart, and decided to detailed consultation, the final dig Miss ZhuMoney to buy the brand products, also provides other telephone lines installed; take home ready to install, Miss Zhu called the left when the phone was purchased and installed, the results need to install inform the other costs two hundred dollars, no way water purifier has purchased for 200 dollars is not can not install it, the installation to July this year, the machine no water, Miss Zhu left on the product by calling telephone service, calls in the past is empty. In fact such things have occurred, for which I specially consulted a professional water purifier known brands Lu Quan, Quan Lu, general manager of the marketing department told the author, regular water purifier manufacturers in the sale of products, will provide free pre-sale, sale, service, and installation is provided free of charge, furthermore the regular manufacturers will be detailed customer registration after installing water purifiers, usually used to install the first three months free of charge door maintenance, will conduct follow-up telephone interviews, the final product is a regular filter are provided one year warranty, three-year warranty cylinder. Summary: you pay for, do not be petty in the purchase of water purification products, they often more harm than good.


The third class of product functionality trap: promote their products can treat a variety of diseases


this wrong propaganda often appears on the water purifier market, mainly to seize consumers styled "psychological, there is a common gimmick, can be effective in the treatment of cancer, coronary heart disease, for which China Ministry of health published the plaintext: wading product which has not promote medical and health care effect. With spring dew, net of the spring, the United States, Patio, Angel and other famous water purifier high-end composed of Chinese water industry coalition issued a joint statement: water purifier products have the effect of clean water, can effectively prevent unhealthy drinking water . It is net of the spring water purifier official says: do not send the main elements is to drink unclean water may harm the body were caused by a shift from theory to practical, it means this is actually a lie, the person in charge of a very angry said. The authors concluded: Remember not to believe a deification of products, the results are spent a considerable price, and may delay the best time for medical treatment, to know the dangers of clean water and clean drinking water to bring this situation is entirely different.


Conclusion: It is often said where there was rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes where there will not be a lack of speculators. In fact, we just by some reasonable means, not petty psychological, not blindly believe deification of things to do that these speculators willNo foothold. As a new water purifier industry, market standards is not perfect, look for consumers to buy formal channels is necessary.



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