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   With the development of water purification industry, the competition between water purifier manufacturers are also transferred to a deeper level, in addition to competition for talent and technology, the more important point is: Who can better tap the potential consumer person, and a good image to win the pro-consumer, who will be able to capture the market and expand operational efficiency. On the current domestic water purifier market, product quality, price and innovation is a manufacturer needs to grasp the bigger and stronger focus.

   "Product quality is the life of water purifier manufacturers, quality is the fundamental way to ensure the survival and development of enterprises." Water purifiers are durable consumer goods, in addition to a certain time the filter needs to be replaced, the main body of the machine may be seven or eight years, or longer life. Therefore, when consumers buy water purifier product quality to be decided they buy the first condition, to provide consumers with products of acceptable quality is a basic responsibility of a water purifier manufacturers should undertake. Water purification products in an efficient, convenient and low cost advantages in outstanding consumer attention, and thus households. If because of quality problems and allow consumers to put a question mark water purifiers, water purifier manufacturers damage caused quite substantial.



   At the same time, competition in the market, water purifier manufacturers desperately factory price is definitely not born like a price war, but the face of consumer choice, they had to whom. Consumers have a consistent behavior: Under a given product or service quality, which companies bid lower, the vast majority of consumers who buy more accounts.

   Under this unwavering preference, consumers tend to buy at the lowest price the same thing, or at the same price to buy something better. Regardless of the competition (such as brand competition, quality competition, technological production line art competition) water purifier manufacturers to carry out, are ultimately fell on top of price competition. Therefore, under the constraints of limited financial resources of consumers, we want to let them dig into their pockets to buy things, water purifier manufacturers must please the consumers in the "cost" of conversion.

   With the development of water purifier manufacturers, how to promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance independent innovation capability, enhance their core competitiveness, and promote their own businesses realize the transformation from labor-intensive industry to a knowledge-intensive industry; how further transfer mechanism, breaking the bottleneck, creating advantages, promote the sustainable and healthy development is a necessary requirement of water purifier manufacturers can come to the fore. Whether products and culture in raw material prices, product transparency, the innovation is open water purifier weapon manufacturers in this industry.

   Therefore, water purifier manufacturers adhere to quality, price and innovation, it must be some integrity, but also the continued development, bigger and stronger foundation. Especially with the rapid development of the industry, to provide users with high-quality products is particularly important, which is more conducive to their healthy development.

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