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   With the rapid development of water purification industry, market competition increasingly fierce urban household water purifiers and becoming more and more saturated, while the rural market still belongs to the gaps in the market water purifier. The vast majority of children will fall into the water purifier companies are crowded in a limited area of 鈥嬧€媡his city "paddock" in the snatch at the expense of fighting outside the paddock more vast rural market. Current, water purifier companies want long-term development, we must jump out of old ways of thinking, changing concepts, the investment focus from urban to rural areas, the rural market to seize the initiative, to allow enterprises to burst with greater vigor.

   In recent years, the rapid development of my countrys rural economy, the purchasing power of rural residents increase as a result, the rural market has been further activated water purifier market has great potential in rural areas, should not be overlooked. So, faced with such a tempting cake, as a new water purification industry, can not be hands-on to cut, how should we go to cut it?




out of the old water purification companies such thinking should enter the rural market (Photo from Internet)

   propaganda purifier health effects

   As the cultural quality of rural population limit, more urgent need to address the overall awareness of the villagers problem, water purifier companies do publicity should be noted that the use of DVS propaganda, straightforward allow the villagers to understand the status of local water pollution, fully aware of the importance of safe drinking water to health, let the villagers know, buy a water purifier is to protect drinking essential family health products, is put into small sum, large health benefits of a good product. So as to allow rural residents to accept this new water purifier appliances.

   design and development of high-quality products

   water purifier industry, said: To develop the rural market, we must hold with the farmers as a friend of mind, the first thing to understand the psychological needs of farmers. Compared with the city, the demand for different products of rural residents, high-grade, high-performance universal requirement of urban residents and rural residents prefer single function, quality and low price products, emphasizing the actual value of the product, rather than very concerned about the value of the products and spiritual experience. Thus in product design, to note that the special nature of rural residents consumption, production and transfer of the rural consumer products to the heart more action!

   formulate a reasonable price Science

   rural consumers most frugal type, price is an important factor affecting rural consumers buying decision behaviorSu. Therefore, product pricing should be based on full consideration of internal and external factors, not just based on cost may be, but also a measure of market demand conditions. Try to make it inexpensive to win, not to cut the expense of product quality for low price.

   laying marketing channels do service

   dispersion of the rural market, less commercial outlets, for which production and management can work with local commercial enterprises, by joining chain, agency, commission, etc. form, to establish their own direct marketing agency system or systems, to nurture and build a familiar feature of rural marketing team. Really good job in service work product homogeneity every industry in the development of the inevitable problems, water purification industry is no exception. Faced with very similar features and quality, the quality difference itself is also getting smaller and smaller products, quality of service has become an important arms companies gain a competitive advantage.

   water purification industry is not the lightning industry, can not just focus on the present, but should look to the future, while the rural market is awaiting the development of a "Gold Mountain." But for now, the rural water purification industry is not yet mature, water purifier enterprises to enter the rural market, this revolution is not successful, the water purifier business needs to be done!

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