Water purifier market, -money- King unlimited

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   face enormous competitive pressure water purifier market, the major companies have on the theme "environmental health" of competing products in the water purification capacity is also growing, serious water pollution in the industrial age, which the health of people living or has a great security.




water purifier market, "money" King unlimited

   China Household Electrical Appliances Association released the "Chinese water treatment products consumer research" report, 2013 water purification equipment market has reached 4.28 million units, for two consecutive years to maintain 45% annual compound growth rate.

   China Disease Prevention and Control Center for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety E Miller researcher pointed out that the US and Europe 90%, Asia 70% penetration rate in developed countries compared to our water industry product penetration is only 2%, the market will show rapid growth.

   the face of enormous consumer demand and the overall penetration rate of less than 5% of development space, water purifier market is considered a holy Denver, attracted many enterprises have entered.

   water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting crowded. Currently a large water purifier brand is not only beautiful, Patio drinking water machine and other traditional local brands, US A 道 O 道 Smith, GE, EcoWater other multinational companies, as well as TCL, Chunlan, Xinfei and other new markets military. Currently water purification equipment business on the Chinese market has more than 3000.

   a number of manufacturers, marking the huge potential for the development of water purification industry, also caused water purification industry disorderly chaos. With the industry analysis, these companies always lacking for many years engaged in the business of water purification, as well as do the traditional appliances, water heaters do, do electric cars, do cross-border FMCG companies to join, or even some sort of small family workshop It is also taking advantage of. Due to the lack of a mandatory national standard, the water purifier market and multi-brand miscellaneous, fish, false advertising and other issues continue.

   Recently a number of water purification industry standard has been released and will begin in November, water purifier industry-standard performance testing methods are also being developed. In addition AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier.

   According to the PRC monitoring data show domestic third-party research firm, in May 2014, an increase of water purification equipment in my country reached 62%, well above the appliance industry market growth. however,Behind the high growth rate is due to insufficient competition in the industry, industry standards lag, resulting in many business practitioners, products of varying quality, seriously affecting the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

   China director of the Academy of household appliances Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo said recently, "At present, China has more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers, because there is no standard, the market chaos, to the renovation of the moment must" . It revealed that AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier.

   checks these two initiatives with industry standards and water purification water purifier, water purifier makes the market more standardized, and more to protect the interests of consumers and water purification agents, making it the drinking water quality improved.

   from the author in charge of AQSIQ, "China Quality Miles" complaints found that complaints about water purifier since 2008 a total of as many as 107, both of which complained of water purifier brand products, there are other brands. Complaints covers defects in quality, manufacturers false propaganda, perfect after-sales service and many other issues.

   Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University professor, deputy director of the my country Institute of Water Supply Water Industry Commission Zhansheng said that the current water purifier manufacturers conservatively estimated that about 3000, the real standard business accounted for about 50%.

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