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   water purifier whats the use? Drinking drinking water to ensure I do not get sick it? Do not want to refute this idea, a simple example. Many people will choose to exercise, for what? Nature is for their own health, hope fitness, exercise can improve their resistance. Although fitness may not be able to ensure that life is not sick, but the key lies in the words "rainy day."

   Like, their own people to install security doors as not to encounter theft, but take preventive measures.

   reason is not that simple? It is easy to understand? But put drinking water here does not seem so understand. In fact, the use of water purifiers and other water purification equipment, is the "rainy day", before it did not rain with an umbrella to go out, rain comes in handy, nothing it does not rain, the sun came out also shade.

   How many water pollutants? What types of contaminants? Not the ordinary people will be able to see it with the naked eye, and water purification equipment can effectively intercept filter pollutants through scientific process, better to ensure that peoples drinking water health.

   holds many lessons for saying half-jokingly called the language of fashion: "From the day I came to this world on, did not intend to go back alive," each persons life is limited, do not leave. But in the limited life, you want to be perfectly healthy or disease infestation? No one wants to be the former.

   water is the carrier of our lives. Water can cool down, you can adjust our body metabolism. We out harmful substances secreted by the body, may be out of the body through the water. But you must first be able to ensure that drinking water is clean!

   as washing clothes, like, no one will use dirty water to wash clothes, because it must be more wash more dirty. Even the clothes are not willing to put dirty water to wash, but do you dare to drink?

   When we drink contaminated water, may not feel anything short time, but over time, the accumulation of harmful substances might be our bodies forming damage difficult to repair.

   knows now so serious water pollution, drinking water is also considered meaningless to you? We look at things that Europeans and Americans used a time-proven for centuries!

   hot drink water Europeans

   the history of Europeans do not drink hot water, almost a "cholera" history. Europeans because there is no goodWater and excreta disposal systems, drinking water sources is very low degree of health, almost medieval moat is a cesspit, a person who would fall into the first foul was dizzy, then it is drowned. At that time the concept of health is extremely backward, all kinds of open defecation eventually flow into the moat. Your city is surrounded by a pit next to imagine that the people of Europe is also strong.

   religion is a disservice in this respect. Europe has a strong religious rejection of dirt and manure into the water and the like, which makes no one wants to deal with these things. Later, it was suggested that the odor is to make people sick, the 19th century London also specifically addressed the sewers of the city, which greatly eliminates the odor. But a few years after cholera struck again, the entire argument is self-defeating.

   These problems have been going on for a long time, even in the 19th century London, the day after the industrial revolution is not empire, their Thames is full of waste water and waste, water pollution can imagine how the people of Europe serious.

   After a several fearsome attack of cholera, the Europeans finally realized that it was unsanitary water caused cholera, and then they began the control of water sources, after slowly also developed a "drinking water" concept. Western countries are now strict control of water quality of the lessons of the year or because the blood is too strong.

   episode middle of a lot of fun. We see a lot of medieval historical drama, you will find almost all are Blackjack their hands. In fact, in addition to real drunkard, because a lot of people drinking wine processed much cleaner than direct water.

   crooked nuts you drink so much hot water is not gone yet Europeans:!! We do not drink cold water is the glorious tradition of our ancestors left behind, even the Middle Ages did not let me get rid of cholera turbid water habit! now I not only turbid water, I would also like ice water!

   the fact that it really is the case. In addition to the British Aihe Cha, turbid water, almost all of Europe, to move past the Americans from Europe is a big fan of ice water, north of Canadians nine months of the year is winter place, also bang bang all day long ice water to drink.

   No wonder my friends Tucao a study in the US, they are not normally drink did not taste the hot water, if the words that he had just drank a hot bath.

   gap between Chinese and foreign that way ah! Experienced in Europe scattershotThe light of day after the cholera epidemic, the attention of Western civilization for drinking water completely beyond imagination. They established the most stringent drinking water standards to ensure the health of the general public, which is why most Western countries, tap water is safe to drink, even the "black ship incident" came into contact with Western civilization after Japan accepted the concept of direct drinking water.

   But in China, drinking water is still a considerable distance concept, at least, will not agree grandmother, my mother will not agree to direct you to drink unboiled water, drink cold water.

   from cholera-prone raw water to drink more now all right, Europeans and Americans stand the test of drinking water systems can be described. In China drinking water is out of reach, we can do that is first used water purifier to solve water pollution problems around!

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