Note the usof glass

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   Note the use of glass you know, the use of glass is worth noting that there are many problems Oh, you summarize.




Note the use of glass which we all know, in fact, the use of glass in question lot is worth noting that, the next small series to help you with a problem-solving, and small series I would also like to extend family drinking little knowledge.


Note the use of glass;


1, the first use of glass, use a soft cloth with warm water can be cleaned. When


2, such as after prolonged use, to produce heavier tea scale tank, a small amount of disinfectant 84 may be poured into a rinse with water after soaking can be bright as a new period of time, please washed directly with the outer surface of a mild agents and a soft cloth to clean.


3, after each use of each member shall be cleaned.


4, please mild neutral detergent, for the cup to avoid scratches affect the appearance, do not use a wire ball rough wiping cup.


5, the glass readily burst when accommodating hot or cold water, and therefore should be used to avoid excessive temperature use environment. Typically more than 80 degrees difference in temperature can cause the glass thermal expansion and contraction easily lead to a strong burst. Unless otherwise specified, try to avoid using glass-contained hot or cold water.


Tips: Before you pour hot water, you can pour a small amount of that and shake the vessels allow full access to its hot water, for the purpose of preheating the vessel and then pour hot water, can be prevented utensils reasons excessive temperature difference caused by burst.


If you are still entangled in what cup to drink the safest, please pay attention to us, you will find the answer.




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