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   Now, for the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities residents, the water purifier is not a rare product. Now many people have realized the importance of home water purification, and are very willing to install a home water purifier, drinking comprehensive care familys health, but many people buy, the face of thousands of brand I really do not know what brand water purifier, many consumers can not help but to issue such a sigh: water purifier ah say love you is not easy. The following add fresh water purifier water purifier for your interpretation on the brand and price.



   a water purifier which brand to buy good?

   is now very much water purifier brand, the consumer must pay choose the right brand. Try to select those well-known, good reputation, more professional brand. If a brand, a lot of people do not know, or even heard of, then do not consider them. Now a lot of water purifier manufacturers often described himself as a "water purifiers top ten brands", but in fact is a lot of hype, but nothing more. It is understood that the current share of the market to add fresh water purifiers, water purifier US-based.

   Second, choose what price good?

   the price of water purification products on the market from several hundred to several million, a large gap . Market, imported brands are generally more expensive, the price of domestic brands generally much cheaper to spend money to buy expensive imported brands it took the general price to buy domestic brands, the consumer is a headache.

   buy imported brands is naturally good, but it must be determined whether the brand is the real import brands, according to fresh water plus water purification experts Liu Xueping introduction: currently there are three in the Chinese market two-thirds of fake foreign brand is the brand, the real import brand must have national import and export product testing, may be the brand to produce such documents. In fact, the current domestic water purifier brand has also been very good, clean water fully meet the needs of the family, it is understood: At present, China is the worlds leading producer of water purifiers, that many countries in the world are made in China use water purification products.

   price recommend that you select the public price (200About 0 yuan), high-end price should be carefully selected, and cheap water purifier, will be not considered.

   Third, choose a wading documents relating to the product

   in purchasing products, they have this to say NSF certification, the house say that they are water purifiers top ten brands, what is best in the world, China the best, top ten regions, the German technical ...... everyone backing is not small, I really do not know what the product is qualified, there is quality Guaranteed.

   water purifier which brand to buy good? Add fresh water to suggest that you can not see the so-called honors and titles, if we want to see is the first product capable of national health Ministrys official website to find whether the brand has a health document, this document is an important condition of the product together unqualified to judge.

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