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   Water is an indispensable source of the human body, is the life. It not only can maintain the cellular structure of the body, help metabolism; also help transport the body needs nutrients and metabolic waste from the body; the body of water can also help regulate body temperature; the eyes, mouth and nasal passages moist. In addition, water is the source of trace minerals, and therefore, how healthy drinking water has been a topic of concern. Lets talk about healthy drinking water expert knowledge.


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   Liu Wenjun: PH value of drinking water did not affect the health of the

   PH value of drinking water for drinking and thus the pH of the extended is there a human body affect drinking water safety director of the Institute of environmental Sciences, Tsinghua University professor Liu Wenjun expressed the view PH value of the water, he said:?

   the United States, Canada and other countries of drinking water PH value is set in broad terms, they are basic and acidic drink. Authoritative monographs and literature and foreign experts have identified the exchange value PH level has no effect on human health.

   The reason why the set PH value of 6.5-8.5 such a category, mainly on account of two factors: First, the PH value is too low, water will corrode the pipeline, and second, PH value is too high, calcium water magnesium ions precipitate scale.

   So, we should insist on two points: first, water is water, not water supply gives too much exaggerated ingredients. Second, be sure to drink safe and clean water.

   E Miller: water main has five major role in the body

   According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control Environmental Health and Related Product Safety, Professor E Xueli safety monitoring director of water quality, said water role in the human body are: 1, food digestion; 2, nutrient delivery; 3, blood circulation; 4, waste discharge; 5, temperature regulation. We never heard a person in the absence of nutrients and vitamins, the doctors what the patient to drink water to supplement their diets.

   Zhansheng: tap water is qualified only 60 minutes

   Chinese water quality research academic dean level characters, professor at Tsinghua University Zhansheng old man in many different occasions repeatedly emphasized one point:

   [ 123] first, tap water standard is to take care of the majority of the actual water quality and set up our area, is the most basic security line, figuratively speaking,Water eligibility standards equivalent to the examination of 60 points, even if qualified, it is only a passing line.

   Second, water 106 index does not fully exhaust all the harmful elements, but common harmful substances. So even if 106 indicators all qualified, we can not guarantee that no harmful substances than 106 indicators exist.

   Third, water safety standards based on statistical data, a secure support line substantially. In real life, because individual physical differences, so that each person is different tolerance to harmful substances, tolerance for those who are below average, the vast majority of people are safe content, for he can be dangerous or even fatal.

   Fourth, some action is gradual accumulation of harmful substances such as heavy metals. Even safe dose of harmful substances in the body to accumulate a certain amount of time, can also cause the disease.

   Fifth, there is always a residual chlorine in tap water, because the chlorine in tap water process in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as excessive intentionally added to the list, but chlorine is detrimental to human health.

   So, you want to drink 100 minutes of high-quality water, tap water is obviously not the best choice, it should also be further purified. Therefore, healthy drinking water solution is to install a home water purifier purify the terminal depth, in order to ensure that family can drink water every day to clean and has a healthy body, strong physique.

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